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ZOOM Leisure Suit Larry 6
Shape Up or Slip Out
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Jewel Case) (LARRY6PJ)

Included in Leisure Suit Larry Collectors Series and Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack




3 1/2 stars from Multimedia World

Designer Al Lowe, computerdom's master of outrageous innuendo, carefully researched the new laws on legal tax deductions before selecting a luxurious island spa as the setting for his newest best-selling game!

He's got more opening lines than Henny Youngman...

He's as hopelessly persistent as Disco...

He's struck out more times than the Cubs!

He's Leisure Suit Larry, the winningest loser in computer game history...maybe in the history of the world (PC Entertainment calls him "one of the truly heroic figures of our time"). And he's back in Al Lowe's latest singles scene set-up, an epic saga of absurdity, ingenuity, and raw, unbridled rejection.

As a consolation prize for his humiliating performance on a TV dating show, Larry wins two weeks at the fabulous La Costa Lotta Spa (first prize one week!). Surrounded by nine smart, savvy, beautiful women, Larry will surely meet Ms. Right. Right? WRONG!

Help Larry overcome all the odds and experience True Love. Save him from dozens of hilariously hopeless encounters. We don't care how you do it, but whatever you do, deliver this male!

Six times more running gags, atrocious puns, smart-aleck comebacks and hidden jokes than any previous Leisure Suit Larry game (at least according to Al Lowe's contact!).

More laughs-per-megabyte than any other computer game on earth.

100% non-politically correct humor!

Screen after screen of bizarre and uproarious animation.

Absolutely no rotoscoped farm animals! We thought about it, though.

Warning: This game portrays adult themes in a completely non-explicit fashion which may offend those looking for the real R-rated stuff.

Requirements: CD-ROM drive, VGA MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 386 or faster, 4 Meg of Memory, (8 Meg & 486 recommended for Windows) (VESA SVGA recommended for DOS).


Multimedia World, December 1994

"Larry speaks! Yes, through the miracle of CD-ROM technology, the ultimate lounge lizard has broken loose from the shackles of text boxes and word balloons. He's now free to fill your ears with his sophomoric wisecracks and less-than-subtle sexual innuendoes."

"Although the game play is identical to the floppy version, the CD-ROM release features improved graphics and tons of new audio. The added features make this a much more entertaining game overall."

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