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The Land Before Time:
Kindergarten Adventure
$14.95 (Win98/Me/XP/Mac Classic) (Retail) (LANDBTKADR)

Sound Source Interactive

Ages: 4 to 6

Important Learning Experiences

There's plenty for kindergarten kids to learn in The Land Before Time! Littlefoot and friends are busy making sure it's a load of fun, too. Important learning experiences are built into lively and engaging activities with an emphasis on creativity and teamwork. Children collaborate with each other as well as their virtual dino pals to construct stories, animated scenes, musical interludes and printable crafts. When they're ready for 'Recess', kids can share a virtual boardgame or some dino pinball fun.


Six engaging learning activities

Age-appropriate skill sets are woven into activities:

  • Recognition of shapes, patterns and colors
  • Counting
  • Directional navigation
  • Simple motor skills
  • Following directions
  • Creativity and musical play
  • Storytelling

Social skills and group work (cooperative play and turn-taking)

Exciting video clips from all five The Land Before Time videos are a fun reward for completing an activity, encouraging repeat play.

Sharptooth Gulch: Kids practice 'forward', 'back', 'left' and 'right' as they help Ducky and Chomper hop across obstacles while avoiding the prowling Sharptooths.

Musical Shapes: Children match geometric shapes in Level 1 and pair animal icons with their counterparts in Level 2. Successful matches trigger delightful animations and music.

Living Valley: Creativity and imagination run wild as children construct exciting animated landscapes. Day or night scenes come alive before kids' eyes as they 'paint' animations onto a background.

Jungle Jam: Children learn about music, using imaginative instrument sound sets to improvise over a series of tunes while their dino friends play along.

Adventure Stories: Kids develop storytelling skills as they put characters, actions, settings and objects together to build adventures for Littlefoot and friends.

Creature Cards: Budding artists design and print cards with pictures of their favorite dino pals.

Two Special "Recess" Activities

Prehistoric Pinball
A feast of fun and audiovisual surprises as the ball bumps through obstacles, chases creatures from their caves and ends up dissolving in a lava flow. Kids can share a game or play in sequence, cheered on by all the young dinos.

Going Home

Two or more friends can play this virtual boardgame together. Players try to reach the safety of the Great Valley, escaping the danger zones and earning extra turns by answering trivia questions about The Land Before Time.


Windows 98/Me/XP: 496/66 DX or better, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), 16MB RAM (24MB recommended), 12MB free hard drive space.

Macintosh: Power PC, System 7.x-9.2 or OS X Classic Mode, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), 16MB RAM (24MB recommended), 12MB free hard drive space.

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