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ZOOM Kid Pix Studio Deluxe
Sold Out (Win/95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (KIDPIXDDR)

See also Kid Pix Deluxe 3

Publisher: Broderbund


Ages: 3 to 12


The FamilyPC 100 (June/July 1999)

Fun Tools for Big Imaginations!

Draw Stuff, Create Stuff, Animate and Paint Stuff

Nobody gives you more cool tools, more creative activities and more hours of 100% pure kid fun. Kid Pix Studio Deluxe gives you six unique projects to select from. Draw and paint with Kid Pix itself. Animate and play with Stampimator, Moopies, Wacky TV, and Digital Puppets. And Showcase it all with SlideShow. Only Kid Pix Studio Deluxe gives you SIX different creativity programs in one!

Fantastic Features

  • 6 different art and animation programs
  • Dozens of arts and crafts activities
  • Record your own voice
  • Import snapshots and graphics
  • Really fun-to-receive email
  • Export your creations to other applications
  • Easily resize graphics and text
  • Preview graphics and fonts
  • Access all your favorite fonts

Gazillions of Ways to...

Draw and Paint stuff

draw it. Paint it. Stamp it. Turn each creation into a treasure to keep, print, even email!

Color and Cut stuff

Make play money, paper airplanes, funky jewelry, tons of toys, and more. Over 80 Rainy Day Activities in all!

Animate and Play

Make Zany Moopies
Swish a stroke across the screen and watch it come to life. Falling rain. Flaring flames. Twinkling stars. And lots, lots more.

Animate Stamps
Choose from over 2,500 Stampimator stamps. Then make them wiggle, jiggle, dance and prance across the screen!

Tune in to Wacky TV
Discover over 100 video clips - from animated cartoons to spectacular nature footage. Then blend in wild effects - like bubble fades and swirling spirals.

Stage a Puppet Show
Choose from a cast of positively outrageous puppets. Then make them jump, jive, twitch and hop - all by "clicking your keyboard.

Showcase it All

Produce a Multimedia SlideShow
Making your own professional SlideShow is as easy as picking and clicking. Just pick your pictures, sounds, and transitions. That's it! Then play your show for family and friends.

  • Pick a picture.
    Use a Kid Pix masterpiece or puppet show. A Moopie or Stampimator scene. Try a family photo!. Even grab your favorite pictures off the Internet. The possibilities are endless!
  • Choose your sounds.
    Choose from music clips and special sound effects. You can even record your own voice if you like!
  • Choose a transition.
    Sixteen cool moves - side wipes, feathery fades, and more - slip you from slide to slide in style.

Used in schools by over 7 million kids


Windows 3.1 or 95: 486 or faster, 4MB RAM for Windows 3.1, 8MB RAM for Windows 95, minimum 32MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 256 colors, Windows compatible sound device. Printer support: works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

Macintosh: Macintosh and PowerPC, System 7.0.1 or higher, 25MHz 68030 processor or faster, 5MB RAM, 3.5MB RAM free, minimum 39MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 256 colors. Printer support: works with most Macintosh compatible printers (monochrome and color).

Coolstuff in the ART Box

  • 10 color markers
  • 4 crazy crayons
  • mini water color set
  • wild stamp pad
  • wacky neon eraser

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