Key CAD Complete KeyCAD Complete
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (CD in Manual) (KEYCADDO)

Note: The manual says "For Windows" the CD is both Windows and Macintosh.

PC Users Only: See KeyCAD Deluxe for newer Windows version.

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Productivity / Design

Suitable for all ages.

Design Absolutely Anything with Engineered Precision

Until now the power of CAD was for the technical elite. Because it took an engineer to master the complex commands and concepts required to use computer aided design. No longer. Now there is Key CAD Complete, the next generation that puts high performance CAD at your fingertips. You can produce drawings, plans and layouts to perfect scale and accuracy. But that's only the beginning, with Key CAD Complete the only limit is your imagination.

Turn your dreams into reality. You've got lots of ideas in that head of yours. Ideas that you'd like to build, invent, create, manufacture, wire, network, landscape, decorate or design. Ideas you want to make money from...or just play around with. Now you can turn those ideas into reality with Key CAD Complete.

Why is CAD useful? At home you'll use Key CAD Complete to plan an addition or renovation to your house, create a school project or even design furniture. Key CAD Complete's powerful floating point coordinate system automatically calculates distance and dimensions.

At work you'll produce mechanical, architectural, construction, manufacturing and civil engineering drawings, electrical schematics, office layouts, flow charts and diagrams.

High performance CAD for "the rest of us." Whether you're an inventor, hobbyist, craftsman, electrician, architect or contractor, Key CAD Complete takes you step by step from concept to realization.

But that's only the beginning. It's so poweful and intuitive you can use your PC to even drive a sophisticated computerized engraving device. With Key CAD Complete you're only limited by your imagination.

Save hundreds of hours with Key CAD Complete's free symbol library. Why redraw the wheel when professionals have done it already. Included inside are over 375 symbols for Home, Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape and Architectural design.


Windows: Windows compatible PC, 4MB of RAM, 3.5MB available hard disk space, DOS 3.1 or higher, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft CD-ROM extentions 2.1 or higher, VGA monitor or higher. To print: Windows 3.1 supported printer. Any Hewlett Packard or HPGL compatible plotter. Imports DXF, IGES, XY coordinates. Exports DXF, IGES, XY coordinates HPGL and EPS. Math co-processor supported.

Macintosh: Macintosh Classic, SE, LC, Powerbook 100 or better, 4MB of RAM, System 6.0.7, a hard drive, CD-ROM drive. Recommended: Macintosh SE/30, Powerbook 145 or 170, II sereis or Quadra, 5MB of RAM, System 7.

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