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ZOOM Kaplan
2006 Platinum Edition
$9.95 (Win98SE/NT4/2000/Me/XP/Mac) (Mini Retail) (KAPLSAT6DR)

Publisher: Kaplan / Topics

Reference / Test Preparation

Discover the Proven Kaplan Method!

6 CD-ROM Platinum Edition: Kaplan has helped more than 3 million students score higher on admission exams and get into the nation's top colleges and universities. Our effective program of practice, review, and test-taking strategies has made Higher Score SAT ACT PSAT the best-selling test prep software brand. You will score higher. We guarantee it.

Includes Prep for the New SAT 2006

  • #1 Best-Selling Test Prep Software Brand
  • Over 2,700 Test Questions
  • Complete score analysis & performance feedback
  • Interactive lessons
  • Exam Strategies & Hints
  • More Free New SAT & PSAT Practice Tests Online

Kaplan is the nation's #1 test prep company for a reason: Results! Kaplan's powerful approach combines personalized instruction with realistic practice and score-raising strategies. With this in-depth program, you'll unlock the tests and get the high score you need to get into the college you want.

  • Diagnose: Take a diagnostic exam to determine test strengths and weaknesses.
  • Target: Focus you prep and build skills with a personal study plan.
  • Practice: Practice, practice, and practice again with realistic exams and quizzes.
  • Improve:Build confidence and speed with Kaplan's score-raising test strategies.

Disc1: Higher Score on the SAT & PSAT

In-depth SAT and PSAT content review, drills, strategies, and practice tests designed to help raise your score: Analysis of math & verbal skills Extensive math, verbal & vocabulary tutorials Printable vocabulary lists & 700+ flashcards Games & activities to improve response times Complete performance analysis by question type, topic, technique, time spent - including whether or not you're changing correct answers to wrong ones.

Comprehensive practice, featuring

  • 5 full-length SAT simulated tests
  • A full-length PSAT test & 2 writing section tests
  • 2 math-only section tests
  • 4 critical Reading-only section tests
  • 2 grid-in tests
  • 2 essay-writing section tests

Disc 2: Higher Score on the ACT

Through content review, drills, strategies, and practice tests designed to help raise your score:

  • Broad content review in English, Math, Reading and Science
  • Complete Discussion & Review of each question type
  • Comprehensive Practice, featuring
  • 8 section-length practice test covering English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • 2 full-length practice tests for the 2005-2006 ACT

Disc 3-5: Kaplan Essential Review

Designed as a complement to the proven Kaplan test prep strategies, the Essential Review offers a critical second look at exam sub sections, providing supplemental strategies and study materials.

  • Disc 3: Writing & Vocabulary
  • Disc 4: Biology & Chemistry
  • Disc 5: U.S. History & Government

Disc 6: Admissions & Tuition Guides

Post-exam mentoring, with informative excerpts from two Kaplan guidebooks: Straight Talk about paying for college , Parents Guide to College Admissions, Procrastinator's Guide to the ACT.


Windows 98SE, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP,: Pentium II 300 MHz or higher 100 MB hard disk space 64 MB RAM 640x480 thousands of colors monitor SoundBlaster-compatible sound card mouse speaker 12x CD-ROM or faster Printer (optional) .

Macintosh:OS 8.6, OS 9, OS X (runs with OS X under classic mode), Power PC®, G3, G4 or higher, 120 MB HD Space, 64 MB RAM, 800x600, thousands of colors (millions recommended), 12x CD-ROM drive or higher

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