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ZOOM JumpStart Spanish
Sold Out (Win95/Win3.1/Mac) (Jewel Case) (JUMPSPANDJ)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 3 to 6


The FamilyPC 100 (June/July 1999)

A Solid Foundation for a Bilingual Future

It's a fun-filled exploration of the Spanish language, and you're invited. Join Mr. Hopsalot the Rabbit as you explore his special clubhouse, high in an old oak tree. Everywhere you go, you can see Mr. Hopsalot's love for the Spanish language. Explore the kitchen, living room, closet and more, while learning lots of everyday vocabulary words and phrases. Earn gold stars when you play games, then trade them in for colorful tropical fish in your own personal aquarium. Paint pictures, sing Spanish folk songs - it's hours of fun and exploration that provide a solid billingual foundation.


Help Mr. Hopsalot paint over 15 different pictures by identifying and using vaious colors in Spanish. When you're done coloring, print out your pictures.


Have loads of fun in Mr. Hopsalot's closet while learning Spanish terms for different articles of clothing,. Help dress the bears with silly clothing combinations, then print out your creations on paper.

Counting & Quantities

Learn to count in Spanish by listening to audible cues. Once Spanish numbers are mastered, learn to understand quatnities by counting fun items into a magic hat.

Around the House

Visit the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen while learning Spanish translations of everyday household items. Then it's hide-and-seek time. Find the hiding mice by listening to Spanish vocal cues.

Explore the Neighborhood

Check out Mr. Hopsalot's play town to learn common vocabulary words that relate to everyday surroundings. Visit the fire station, supermarket, school and more while playing a fun driving game.

Integrated Learning

Learn many different catagories of Spanish vocabulary by playing this fun matching game. Match toys, sizes, shapes, animals and more to reveal a hidden picture underneath.

Why a Second Language?

Recent child development research indicates that children are most receptive to language learning at a young age. Kids who have the benefit of exposure to a second language while they are learning their native language retain these skills throughout life, forming the necessary foundations for later develpment. There's no better time to get your child off to a bilingual head start in today's multicultural world.

How We Introduce Your Child to Spanish

By applying the award-winning approach of the JumpStart Learning System to teaching the Spanish language, Jump Start Spanish gives your child the proper foundation he needs to succeed later in life. Designed specifically for kids ages 3-6, the product exposes the young child to Spanish vocabulary, culture and music in a friendly atmosphere that relates to the child's everyday surroundings.

Introduce your child to hundreds of Spanish vocabulary words that correlate with early English vocabulary building.

Learn dozens of useful Spanish phrases like "how are you today?" and "What is your name?" Instant translations are available, too.

Listen to traditional Spanish sing-along songs that teach and reinforce Spanish vocabulary.

Learn about different Spanish-speaking cultures from around the world. This important feature helps kids understand and appreciate the context of the language they are learning.


Requirements: Windows 95/98, 486DX2 66 or higher, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM , 15MB available on hard drive, 16Bit color, 640x480 screen resolution, Windows-compatible sound card, mouse.

Requires Windows 95 compatibility mode, 640x480 with 256 colors to run properly on Windows XP.

Requirements: Macintosh OS 7.1-9.2, 68040 40Mhz or PowerPC, 2x CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM, 15MB available on hard drive, 16Bit color, 640x480 screen resolution, 13" or larger color monitor, mouse. Does not work on OS X (unknown if it works in Compatibility Mode).

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