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ZOOM JumpStart Math for Kindergartners
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Jewel Case w/ Workbook) (JUMPKINMDO)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 4 to 6

Early Math Success

The only early math program designed specifically for Kindergartners. Join Hopsalot the Rabbit on a magical adventure into the clouds. Your Kindergartner will build a strong early math foundation while preparing for a giant's oversize birthday party.

Building a Solid Math Foundation. JumpStart Math for Kindergartners introduces 8 fundamental concepts that are essential to future math success. Each skill area provides a necessary foundation for the next early math concept.

  1. Writing Numbers
  2. Sorting
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Counting
  5. Addition
  6. Subtraction
  7. Sequences and Patterns
  8. Measurement

Here's Why It Works

Emphasis on Fun!
Colorful animation, sing-along songs, and adorable characters will keep your child engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Kid's Tutor Technology
A special tutor helps teach skills and reinforce learning in any activity where the child is having difficulty.

Math Reinforcement Tools
JumpStart Math for Kindergartners includes printable workbook pages that extend learning away from the computer. Early math skills are reinforced in a fun and creative way.

Grade-Specific Lessons
Lessons are organized according to a Kindergartner's actual curriculum. Every activity reinforces the skills your child is learning at school.

An 8-Step Foundation
We've selected 8 classroom-proven skill sets that are essential for success in school.

Here's What You Get:

  • 11 Skill-Building Activities
  • 8 Sing-and-Learn Songs
  • Over 20 Skills Taught
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels
  • Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Parent's Progress Report
  • Kid's Tutor Technology

It's Math Designed Specifically for Kindergartners

Join Hopsalot as he helps the nice people of Cloud Town prepare a surprise birthday party for Guthry the Giant. Learn early math fundamentals as you bake giant cupcakes, blow up balloons, create wrapping paper, and more. Hurry, the party will be starting soon.

Writing Numbers - Fly your very own plane as you write numbers in the sky.

Sorting - The Popsalot family loves balloons. Be sure to give the family members the balloons they want.

Problem Solving - Help Hopsalot make snow cones by following the recipes. And be sure to make enough for everyone.

Counting - Put the Hat Snappers in the correct order by looking at the numbers under their hats.

Addition - Add up the stamps on the giant's birthday card, then paint them with patterns.

Subtraction - Stop Baker Jake's kids from licking the frosting out of the bowl by catching them with the correct number net.

Sequences and Patterns - Make wrapping paper for the giant's gifts by stamping patterns onto the paper.

Measurement - Too-Loose the Tailor uses all sorts of things to measure rainbow ribbons. Help him cut strips long enough to wrap the Guthry's birthday presents.


Requirements: Windows 95/98, 486DX2 66 or higher, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM , 15MB available on hard drive, 16Bit color, 640x480 screen resolution, Windows-compatible sound card, mouse.

Requires Windows 95 compatibility mode, 640x480 with 256 colors to run properly on Windows XP.

Requirements: Macintosh OS 7.1-9.2, 68040 40Mhz or PowerPC, 2x CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM, 15MB available on hard drive, 16Bit color, 640x480 screen resolution, 13" or larger color monitor, mouse. Does not work on OS X (unknown if it works in Compatibility Mode).

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