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ZOOM JumpStart 4th Grade
Sold Out (WinXP/2000/Vista) (Jewel Case) (JUMP4THPJ)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 8 to 10

Combines the Subjects of 4th Grade into the Ultimate Adventure Game

In JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade Haunted Island, you apply lessons in language arts, math, history, science, art and music to rescue 13 lost friends before they turn into freakish fiends forever.

The Villain. In what looks like a bizarre science experiment, Mrs. Grunkle changed 13 students into mutant monsters and hid them away in a castle attic.

The Challenge. Do you know your 4th Grade lessons well enough to break the spell that holds them hostage?

The Adventure. Journey through the twisted trails and menacing forests of Haunted Island to rescue your friends...

Train Your Brain! To win, play games of skill that will test your knowledge of many 4th Grade subjects:

Language Arts. Read and comprehend nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronounds, conjunctions, interjections, adverbs, and propositions. Build spelling and vocabulary skills.

Math. Complete 3-digit long-division equations with remainders and convert decimals to fractions. Review and practice multiplication, short division, addition, and subtraction.

Science. Build an understanding of earth and natural sciences. Classify and create new lifeform populations.

History. Associate key people and fascinating facts with places and historic events. Identify influences from culture and geography.

Music & Art. Learn art history facts. Make your own music. Use the treble and bass clefs as you match notes to piano keys.

Use Your Head - Before You Lose It!

Who turned 13 of your friends into monsters? Are you brave enough to find out and rescue them? Venture to a mysterious haunted island where a hideous collection of ghouls awaits you.

To rescue each friend, follow four clue cards through menacing forests to any of 9 phantasmal games and activities. Your cards earn you keys and objects. Use the keys to enter the castle where your mutant friends are hidden. Use the objects to transform the mutants back into your friends. Hurry! If you tire, you are cast into the labyrinth to earn extra energy.

Succeed - and build important skills, smarts, and strengths. Blunder - and your friends remain fiends forever!

Your adventure begins here:

Science. Manage precious resources including water, land, and light to get your mutant swamp plants to thrive. Can you reap a harvest of ghoulish garden goods?

Division & Decimals. Outwit the ghosts by using long division - some equations have 3-digits and include remainders. Or convert decimals to fractions in the Enchanted Forest.

Math. Fill your frog's tummy with tasty flies and ants as you add, subtract, divide, and multiply. A flick of the tongue snags the right answer.

Language Arts. Sneak into the cemetery and chisel parts of speech onto gravestones to create wacky stories. Or, spell creepy words with bugs trapped in a Spider's Web.

Music. There's a hunchback living in the haunted clock tower. Can you hit the right notes on the piano to rid the tower of bats?

Stay Healthy! If you tire, you must enter the twisted stone labyrinth and answer multiple-choice questions to earn more power. You'll need extra power to battle pirates while learning geography.

History. Ancient tablets lie scrambled on the ground. match the dates and people with the correct events and places in history to reassemble the artwork.

Rescue Your Friends! You'll collect four objects to transform the beasts back to boys and ghouls into girls. Then, trade your game points for the 25 keys it'll take to reach the attic and free your freinds trapped inside.

Requirements: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Pentium II 300Mhz, 128MB RAM, 25MB HD Space, 640x480 display, 16-bit color, Windows-compatible sound card & speakers, 12X CD-ROM Drive.

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