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ZOOM JumpStart 3rd Grade
Sold Out (WinXP/2000/Vista) (Jewel Case) (JUMP3RDPJ)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 7 to 9

Combines the Subjects of 3rd Grade into the Ultimate Adventure Game

In JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade Mystery Mountain, you apply lessons in language arts, math, history, science, art, and music to recover 25 time-meddling robots before they change history forever.

The Villain. Bratty little Polly Spark programmed 25 robots to alter hsitory and make it match it up with her nonsensical pop-quiz answers.

The Challenge. Do you know your 3rd Grade lessons well enough to outsmart her maniacal plan?

The Adventure. Creep deep into Mystery Mountain and begin your mission...

Train Your Brain! To win, play games of skill that will test your knowledge of many 3rd Grade subjects:

Language Arts. Read and comprehend subject/verb agreement, grammar, antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. Build spelling and vocabulary skills.

Math. Complete equations in column multiplication, simple division, 3-digit addition, 2-digit subtraction, adding with freactions, logic, and converting measurements.

Science. Build an understanding of earth science, physical science, and life science. Learn to recognize the constellations.

History. Associate key people and fascinating facts with places and historic events. Identify influences from culture and geography.

Music & Art. Draw and create your own art. Learn about art history. Compose and appreciate folk and classical music.

Match Your Might Against Meddling Metal!

If Polly has her way, the whole world will turn upside down. Sneak into the mountain mansion and end Polly's pitiful plot by capturing her 25 time-tinkering robots, one by one.

To nab each robot, you'll collect clues scattered throughout the mountain and hidden in many of the 16 games. Then, you'll analyze the clues in Professor Spark 's laboratory to find where and when in history the robots have been sent. Hurry! If the power runs low, you'll have to generate more with the electrostatic generator.

Succeed - and build important skills, smarts, and strengths. Blunder - and the turns weird forever.

Your adventure begins here:

Science. Blast off from beneath the mountain into a domed biosphere to sample different climates and geography. Or, program a reluctant robot - your logic helps you capture clues.

Language Arts. Intercept space messages. Use the Decoder to unscramble grammar and create sentences. Or, click on the Constellations - clues may be hidden among the stars.

Music & Art. Cultivate your art and word skills to piece together historic paintings. Or, make crazy music in the mad inventor's music hall.

Power is Low. Power up your math skills to make more energy. You'll need the extra energy because devices like the Shrink-O-Matic sap your strength in seconds.

History. Use your clues to plot where and when in history a pesky robot is meddling. Then, jump in the Time Machine to zoom back and capture it.

Math. The kitchen is cooking with math. Even the door locks are coded - you'll need to add, subtrac, and multiply just to get in.

Measurements. Once inside the kitchen, measure out the correct ingredients to make potent potions that could make the robots sick to their circuits.

Captured! Use your four clues and points to get a Time Key. Use the Key to go back in time and capture one of the 25 rotten robots.

Requirements: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Pentium II 300Mhz, 128MB RAM, 25MB HD Space, 640x480 display, 16-bit color, Windows-compatible sound card & speakers, 12X CD-ROM Drive.

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