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ZOOM Johnny Mnemonic
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Jewel Case) (JOHNNYMNPJ)

Sony Imagesoft



4 stars from CD-ROM Today

A non-stop, live-action interactive movie with no on-screen interface. Just pure full-motion video. 2 CDS: 2 hours of footage, 2,500 scenes, 65,000 frames, offering 30 hours of game play.

You're a 21st century courier delivering 320 gigabytes of stolen data wet-wired directly to your brain. Except you have no way of getting the data out of your head. Seems the download code is lost.

Jump into a corrupt cyberpunk world to find the download code before the Yakuza mob downloads you.

Based on the cyberpunk short story and screenplay by William Gibson, award- winning author of "Neuromancer."

Requirements: 486/DX2 66MHz, SVGA card w/256 colors, 8MB RAM, 2MB free hard drive space, double-speed (300kbs transfer rate) CD-ROM drive. PC or MS-DOS 5.0 or later with Windows 3.1 or later, QuickTime 2.0 (provided).

Best Performance: Intel Pentium, accelerated VLB or PCI SVGA card with thousands of colors, triple speed or higher CD-ROM drive.

Sound: QuickTime for Windows compatible sound cards including Adlib, ATI Stereo F/X, Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum Plus, 16 and Audio Port, Microsoft Sound System, Orchid Sound Producer Pro, Roland MT32, Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles, and Turtle Beach Multisound.

Requirements: Macintosh (Not Currently Available) - Apple Macintosh 68040/25MHz, 100% compatibles, and PowerPC, 640x480, 256 colors (8 bit), 8 MB RAM, 2MB free hard drive space, double-speed (300 kbs transfer rate) CD-ROM drive, Macintosh System 7.x, with provided Quicktime 2.0, Multimedia tuner 2.0.1, Sound Manager 3.0. Best Performance: Quadra 630 or better, PowerPC 601/60 or better, 640x480, thousands of colors (16 bit), 16MB RAM, triple-speed or higher CD-ROM drive.


CD-ROM Today, July 1995

"Johnny Mnemonic is the most refreshingly innovative interactive movie on the market today. Based loosely on the TriStar Pictures movie starring Keanu Reeves, Sony Imagesoft's CD spin-off is the story of a data smuggler with gigabytes full of valuable information in his head. The Yakuza - the Japanese Mafia - wants it. His boss is too cheap to pay him for it. Johnny's in deep sushi."

"Your job is to help Johnny download the information and make it to safety. Playing the game is a lot like watching the movie, only a)Christopher Russell Gartin, not Keanu, and b)every so often the game prompts you for a decision that affects the course of the plot."

"For example, in the opening scene, a Yakuza hit man (played by Karate Kid II star Yujii Okumoto) breaks into Johnny's apartment. As he bursts through he door, the picture goes from full screen to a letter-box, signaling a 'window of opportunity.' This is an interactive moment when you can use your keypad to fight or run."

"Fights are also interactive in Johnny Mnemonic. You watch both combatants circle each other. A window of opportunity displays your opponent preparing to throw a punch or a kick, and you tell your character to do the same. Choose the right move and you see a clip of your character connecting a nasty blow. Screw up and Johnny or Jane eat all kinds of leather."

"Windows of opportunity pop up every two or three minutes, making Johnny Mnemonic one of the livelier interactive dramas around. Unlike most fast-twitch games, the techniques are easy to master - for example, if you let the bad guys lunge forward before you throw the first punch, odds are you'll win the fight. Still, I estimate that you'll get about 25 hours of play out of the game before you grow tired of it."

"While Johnny Mnemonic lacks the intangible magic that would make it an instant classic, it's easily the best interactive movie I've seen so far."

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