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ZOOM JFK Assassination
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Paper Sleeve) (JFKZCIDJ)

Zane Publishing


The Most Extensive Information on the JFK Assassination

What really happened in Dallas on that fateful day in 1963? Who told Bobby Kennedy that JFK had been assassinated? What U.S. president was a member of the Warren Commission? Did Oswald act alone? Was there Mafia or CIA involvement in the murder that shcoked the world? Ponder the questions that have lingered since the assassination of America's beloved leader. You'll comb the Warren commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations reports for official explanations of the events that occurred on that fateful day in Dallas.

Learn other possible answers to how and why the assassination took place in this riveting presentation by Bob Harris and Jane Rusconi, the director of research for the popular film, JFK. Draw your own conclusions after exploring a labyrinth of conspiracies, jealousies, and hatreds.

Encyclopedia of the JFK Assassination CD-ROM

The murder of President John F. Kennedy shocked the world and changed our lives forever. This fascinating multimedia encyclopedia sheds light on one of the most famous tragedies in American history with information from hundreds of official and unofficial documents.

As you explore a labyrinth of conspiracies, jealousies, and hatreds, you'll meet a rogue's gallery of possible assassins. Learn about the CIA Director Allen Dulles, forced out of his post by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs disaster, whose top aide recruited Mafia hit men to assassinate Fidel Castro. Were they the JFK triggermen? You'll meet Mafia kingpin Santos Trafficante, who predicted Kennedy's assassination...Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and his death plan for RFK..and many more.

Written by internationally know JFK assassination researchers Bob Harris and Jane Rusconi (Director of Research for the popular Oliver Stone film, JFK), the Encyclopedia of the JFK Assassination guides you through the assassination and the subsequent investigations.

A 36-minute multimedia presentation on the assassination and alleged cover-up.

20 original essays on the assassination, linked to more than 10,000 hypertext pages of original source documents.

More than 500 photographs.

The complete Warren Commission report, containing thousands of pages of evidence, 75 eyewitness interviews, the medical reports of examining physicians, and hundreds of official government documents.

The revealing House Select Committee on Assassinations report, plus hypertext references.

The Assassination of JFK Video

Virtually every question relating to the killing of the president seems to lead to yet another road of ironic and sometimes shocking evidence - evidence which points to the almost overwhelming probability that Lee Harvey Oswald did not and could not have acted alone.

MPI Home Video is proud to present this feature-length documentary, which is virtually unprecedented in its hard-hitting chronology of facts surrounding the events before, during, and after the horrific event in Dallas, and includes interviews of those who possess firsthand knowledge of everything from the politics of the day to the actual autopsy performed on the president.

It takes another look at those who were involved in the so-called "investigation" of the event (Warren Commission). The program also takes a revealing look at the centers of power in the early sixties that were at odds with many of JFK's policies. If you found Oliver Stone's JFK to be provocative, or you think that you have learned all there is to know of the assassination of JFK, this video will no doubt shed more light on the controversy and will prove to be one of the most important documents ever to be produced on the killing the president.

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