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ZOOM You Don't Know Jack XXL
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (JACKXXLDR)

Publisher: Berkeley Systems

Trivial Game


Awesome from New Media

Silver - Strategy/Puzzle Game Title from New Media's 1996 Invision Awards

4 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

84% from PC Gamer

9 (out of 10) Computer Player

Jack and More Jack - and We Don't Mean Cheese

You Don't Know Jack X-tra X-tra Large is the ultimate Jack collection. XXL includes all 1200 questions from the original You Don't Know Jack X-tra Large game on one CD-ROM and all 800 questions from the newYou Don't Know Jack Volume 2 on a second CD-ROM. A total of 2000 hilarious questions!

More than 2000 questions of 2 CD-ROMs - over 50 hours of non-repetitive verbal abuse

1,2, or 3 players duke it out on one keyboard - no additional equipment required.

Tournament game setting is perfect for parties and social events.

Hilarious celebrity guest appearances in Jack Volume 2 from big name stars

Game play so fast you'll get blisters.

Heart-pounding music ans sound effects.

Warning: This product contains mature content, including suggestive sexual references and language that may not be suitable for children. Besides, they won't get it anyway.


Windows - MPC 2 system or better, 486/33 or better microprocessor, Windows 95 or higher (including Windows XP), 8MB of RAM, 16MB of free hard disk space, video display capable of at least 640x480 resolution with 256 colors, 2x CD-ROM drive (or better), Sound Blaster 16 or compatible multimedia sound card.

Macintosh - 68040-based Macintosh or any PowerPC, System 7.1 or later, 5MB or free RAM, 15MB of free hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive (or better), QuickTime 2.1 and Sound Manager 3.1 (both incuded); color monitor capable of at least 640x480 resolution with 256 colors.


New Media, January 29, 1996

"Jack is the first game since Tetris that I've trashed off my desktop out of fear that I'd never get another lick of work done. And it proves you don't need rendered photorealistic texture mapping or actors filmed against blue screens to make a great title. It's a trivia game for one to three players that somehow intertwines subjects like the continental drift with The Brady Bunch with twists like 'Screw Your Neighbor' and 'Don't Be a Wimp.' The developer, Jellyvisions, provides hysterical writing, a great game-show host, classy animation and smooth sound to make a game that's a blast."

Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"...what we've needed is a game that takes this semi-sacred cow of American pop culture and makes burger patties of it. And boy do we get it in You Don't Know Jack, a diamond-sharp satire of every game show you ever watched. It's all there, from the unctuousness of the host to the smarminess of the music and the pressure-molded look of the screen. Everything is Turtle Waxed to a high gloss, right down to the closing credits, which include dead-on skewerings of cereal and toy commercials."

"You Don't Know Jack may displease those who don't enjoy giggly frat-house innuendo, either out of prudishness or maturity...I, however, just love giggly frat-house innuendo and laughed myself sick playing this game. All the game show spoofs 'Saturday Night Live' has ever run and all the hipper-than-thou game shows MTV has concocted wish they were this good. Uh-uh. This is the real thing; they don't know Jack."

Computer Player, July 1996

"...they'll soon be immersed in a thoroughly enjoyable, computer trivia game that has more than 1,200 humility-inducing questions."

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