View of Islam

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An interactive Multimedia tour of Islam covering history, cultures, traditions, beliefs, arts, the Koran and more. It is an engaging way to learn and discover the Islamic religion. It features spoken text and sound from the Koran, hundreds of pictures, movies, songs, music clips and more. This CD-ROM title is packed with about 600 Megs of information. It is a valuable reference tool for Libraries, Universities, individuals, parents to introduce and teach their children about Islan, and for anybody who would like to know about the Islamic religion.

Requirements: Windows - IBM or 100% compatible, 386SX or higher with 4MB RAM, Widnows 3.1 or later, Super VGA, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card, mouse, CD-ROM drive.

Requirements: MAC, System 7 or later, 4MB RAM, 8-bit color, CD-ROM drive.

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