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ZOOM Learn Irish Now! v7
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (IRISHDR)

Transparent Language

Reference / Language

You Can Do It!

Unlike other language learning methods, Irish Now! is uniquely effective. Right away you'll find yourself in a compelling, interactive environment where learning authentic Irish is made easy.

With IrishNow! you'll learn by immersing yourself in Irish. You'll participate in real conversations, read interesting articles and watch intriguing videos from Ireland. Engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you're studying, and the fact that you are actually using Irish becomes transparent.

Learn to Speak, Listen, Read & Write
Irish Now! covers the four language skills you need to use Irish. As you learn to speak Irish, you will also learn to listen, read and write. Use all of the activities, tests, exercises and tools to improve all of your language abilities, or focus your efforts on any individual skill.

Easily Build Conversation Skills
With Irish Now! you'll participate in real dialogs with native speakers at your own speed. As you interact with the program, you'll hear how words are pronounced, see the spelling, discover word meanings and actually hear yourself speaking. In no time, you'll be confidently conversing in Irish.

Perfect for Both Beginner & Advanced Speakers
Irish Now! is the comprehensive Irish-learning package. From basic skills to a mastery of the language, it's all here. For beginners, or those looking to brush up on their abilities, The Most Common Words and Survival Phrases are a great place to start. The word games, grammar tools and vocabulary-building activities provide a solid foundation. As you advance, authentic video content lets you interact with your new language like a true native.

Proven Effective
Irish Now!'s unique methodology results in full comprehension of Irish. That's why it is used in over 6,500 educational institutions. Independent studies have shown that IrishNow!'s unique multimedia approach provides a more effective learning experience than books, tapes and even classroom methods. It works!


  • Over 10,000 words
  • Hundreds of useful phrases
  • Full motion video
  • Full native speaker pronunciation
  • Record, playback and compare
  • Advanced pronunciation analysis
  • SlowSound to hear every nuance
  • Alphabet reference
  • Conversation practice
  • Word dictation
  • Grammar tutorial
  • Word and root search
  • Vocabulous!, crosswords, and more interactive games
  • Video unscramble
  • On-line testing
  • Personal progress tracking

Here's What You Get in this Package:

Free Microphone
$15 value - Record and compare your voice to native speakers, use advanced speech analysis, and participate in interactive dialogs.

Berlitz Interpreter Word Translator
$20 value - Instant access to over 50,000 words translated in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Accent Multilingual Word Processor
$80 value - Includes foreign language keyboards, a multilingual spell checker, an on-line thesaurus and more.

Here's How It Works...

With Irish Now!, you'll actually learn by doing. You'll become actively involved in fun and interesting conversations, articles and more - rich in native dialog, sound and video - while building your proficiency in Irish. Irish Now! provides a wide range of activities and interactive games for maximum results at all ability levels. These engaging exercises keep you motivated and learning. The variety of activities in IrishNow! provides the most complete and effective way to learn Irish, short of living in Ireland.

Begin with the Alphabet

Start with the Irish Alphabet. Hear the sounds of your new language and learn common words.

Learn by immersing yourself in interactive situations

Just select one of the interesting articles or stories and click to explore your new language. View foreign language videos complete with the sites and sounds of real people speaking and interacting in Irish. Or jump directly into exciting interactive games, pronunciation-improving practice or invigorating conversations. All the tools you need to quickly master Irish are instantly available in Irish Now!

Listen and compare your voice to native speakers

Any time you like, click to hear an instant, clear pronunciation of any word or sentence in Irish Now!. Repeat the pronunciation as often as you like. Have hours of interactive fun as you enhance your listening comprehension skill with dictation and audio/video unscramble features. Use Word and Sentence Pronunciation with Advanced Pronunciation Analysis to see and hear how your pronunciation compares to the native speaker's.

Build Skills with vocabulary and grammar games

Irish Now!'s dynamically generated games are different every time you play. It's never the same and never boring. After a few sessions, you'll actually find yourself thinking in Irish. Plus, Irish Now! tracks your game scores and presents them to you in colorful graphs. This is a terrific way to see your progress and watch your Irish language skills improve every day.

Speak like a native now that you know Irish

Interactive Conversations are so realistic, you'll feel like you're speaking Irish with natives in another country! Just choose the part you want to play and follow the prompts. You can record your voice and replay the whole conversation complete with the lines you've recorded. It's a terrific way to get valuable real-world experience using Irish. In no time, you'll be conditioned to respond correctly without thinking about it, just like you do in English.


Windows 95 or 98 or NT 4.0, 486 or higher, 2x CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM, 25MB free disk space, 1MB SVGA card or better display, standard soundcard and multimedia speakers.

Macintosh: System 7.1 or better, 68040 or better processor or PowerMac, 4MB free RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, 256 color montior with at least 640x480 resolution, standard built-in speakers.

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