Infinity City

Infinity City - Headbone Interactive - Jewel Case - Win95/Win3.1/Mac - Sold Out

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Headbone Interactive / Softkey


Ages: 4 to 8


4 1/2 stars from the San Jose Mercury

4 stars from CD-ROM Today

Spiffy from MacAddict

Count Yourself In

Multiply your math skills - hilarious games add up to total fun.

They're back, and they've got your number. Let the Gigglebone Gang give you a personal tour of the puzzles and games in Infinity City, the math capital of the world. See all the angles: match big and small to make custom cars with Bunji the frog, and use your gray matter to help Monkie-Sue sum up her "Furry Tales". Just hop in Zack's taxicab for hours of fun exploring how the world adds up.

You'll find Chester's mix and match games at each spot you visit in Infinity City.

Sing along with Zack as he grooves about shapes numbers, time and more.

Add up the grocery money by tapping coins from the piggy bank.

Get constructive with the shapes you get from Bunji the frog.

Put together the parts that will help Monkie-Sue stay afloat.

Requirements - For PC: 33 MHz 486 processor or better, MS Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 8 MB RAM, 640 x 480, 256-color display, double-speed CD-ROM drive, Windows - compatible sound card, speakers and mouse.

Requirements - For MAC: 25 MHz 68040 processor or better, System 7 or higher, 8 MB RAM, 640 x 480, 256-color display, double-speed CD-ROM.


CD-ROM Today, July 1996

"The cab makes 10 stops, exposing kids to different math topics (counting, fractions, size, number names, and so on). Each stop features a scene rendered with silly animated characters overlaid on a photorealistic backdrop."

"Kids will love exploring Infinity City's park, museum, junkyard, stadium, and more. And they'll meet a culturally diverse group of people in a variety of helpful roles. They probably won't realize they're doing math."

San Jose Mercury News, Sunday, August 4, 1996

"The Gigglebone Gang is back - this time for a visit to Infinity City. They're armed with 50 activities that introduce youngsters to early math skills such as counting, shapes, sizes, classification, patterns and more. To see how math is used in everyday life, children visit 10 areas including a grocery store, hospital, construction site and junk yard."

"The program's strengths lie in the sheer number of activities and an easy-to-use design. Content is most appropriate for 4- to 6-year-olds, but even our older testers (aged 7 and 8) were kept entertained. In fact, it was hard for parents to make the youngsters quit playing.

"Our only serious complaint with the title is that it lacks a long-term record-keeping feature. Overall, though, this is an engaging program that provides many playful opportunitites to experiment with early math concepts."

MacAddict, November 1996

"After-school hours with the Gigglebone Gang won't lead to a chain-smoking life of crime; it will get your younger kids addicted to learning in Infinity City. This sing-song CD-ROM puts your kids in a cab witht he five-member Gang and takes them to 10 fun sites, including the Gugtgen Time Museum and the Good Cents Grocery, where they learn about numbers and shapes through an assortment of songs, puzzles, games, and movies."

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