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ZOOM Instant Immersion
Language Starter for Kids
Sold Out (Win95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP) (Retail) (IIKIDSDR)

Publisher: Topics Entertainment

Language Learning / Children
Ages 3-10


4.3 from Children's Software Revue

Give Your Child the Edge in Language Learning

Research has shown that kids learn best when the lessons are fun. The Instant Immersion Language Starter for Kids set contains four CD-ROMs that are super easy to use, and are fun and intuitive. Each program combines two highly effective learning techniques: picture association, and memory games. All four discs are also complete, multiple lesson programs, and contain powerful software that give kids enough content to actually get them well on the way to becoming an accomplished speaker of a foreign language (as well as a huge head start in school). With a normal retail value of $19.99 per single CD-ROM, this box set is an exceptional value, and affords the user the flexibility to choose a single language for study, or all four! As the #1 publishers of language learning software worldwide, TOPICS Entertainment and Eurotalk guarantee the quality, and ease-of-use of the Instant Immersion language line, and have the reviews to prove it.

Your Kids Can Learn a Foreign Language:

The fastest, most intuitive way to learn

Kids learn like they did their native language

Very easy to use - auto installation

Great for adults too!

Fun lessons and games

Four Languages to Learn in One Box:

The Instant Immersion Language Starter for Kids is the most effective language software on the market. The set contains four award winning language programs specifically designed for kids. Each title has nine fun and educational games that feature easy installation, great graphics, and fun lessons that both teach and entertain. With the Instant Immersion Language Starter box set, you are giving your child a huge head start in language learning at an early age. The Vocabulary Builders in Spanish, French, German and Italian are designed to effectively teach a foreign language to children and adults `who have absolutely no knowledge of a foreign tongue'. A recording session is featured on all the CD-ROMs so kids can practice saying the words, and hear how they match up with native speakers. They can record the narration for cartoons and play them back in their personal movie `cinema'. An award system encourages learning, and the nine games not only continue to teach the lessons, but allow everyone to have a break and have fun while learning! The simple teaching style and format promotes increased retention, and gives every child a big head start towards becoming bilingual, and excelling in language in school.

Developed for kids from the #1 language publisher, worldwide

Fun games that make learning a language easy

Simple picture associations for good retention


Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP: Color display, sound, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone recommended.

Macintosh System 7+: Color display, sound, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone recommended.


Children's Software & New Media Revue, September/October 2001

"Four similarly designed CDs, one each for German, Spanish, French and Italian, are offered in this affordably priced bundle. The programs contain three activity areas: learn, games and record. In the learn area, kids choose a category and are presented with pictures labeled with audio and text. Categories include miscellaneous vocabulary, colors, action, professions and so on. In the games area, children can play three multilevel games that reinforce vocabulary: find the card, match the pairs and beat the clock. In the record area, kids can record and play back their vocabulary pronunciations. Emphasis is on spoken language comprehension and vocabulary development. The program is straight-forward, easy to use and keeps basic records. Directions can be given in many languages."


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