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ZOOM Instant Immersion English v2.0
$9.95 (Win98/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Retail) (IIENGLV2DR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment

Language Instruction: English (5 CD-ROM set)

Speak English Fast - Step by Step

English v2.0 - the next generation of language instruction! From Los Angeles to London, now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion English v2.0, the dynamic 5-disc language learning system on CD-ROM. Begin your course of study with Talk Now! English, your computer primer for basic vocabulary and accurate pronunciation. Talk More English reinforces your learning progress with video technology and supplemental phases. Graduate to intermediate level with World Talk English and its recording studio and interactive game show features.

Build your English lexicon with 2,000 word entries from the Interactive Pictures Dictionary offering audio and pictorial English, the interactive mystery game in which hunting down a stolen diamond in foreign city is your only chance to clear your name. Packed with on-screen demonstrations, dictionaries, and diversion. Instant Immersion English v2.0 is the software suite that speaks your Language.

CD-ROM 1 - Talk Now! English:

Designed for newcomers to the language, Talk Now! English is the perfect method to access a wealth of comprehensive fundamental vocabulary and accurate pronunciation in one user-friendly plan packed with useful words, a picture dictionary, and quizzes.

Features include:

  • Extensive basic vocabulary, from greetings & useful phrases to numbers & shopping
  • A printable dictionary complete with color pictures
  • Quizzes & tests at 4 skill levels
  • A recording feature allowing you to compare your speech to that of native speakers

CD-ROM 2 - Talk More English:

Continue to build your English proficiency with Talk More English, the next step in the reinforcement of language fundamentals. Utilizing the latest in interactive techniques and video resources, this software is designed to engage novices while building English facility.

Features include:

  • 70 minutes of broadcast quality video material
  • 10 quizzes featuring 100 questions to test your progress
  • Printable, portable glossary & phrasebook
  • Phrases for use in business, restaurants, on the phone & more

CD-ROM 3 - World Talk English:

Featuring 10 intermediate-level language games and 6 variable speed dictation exercises, World Talk English polishes your English proficiency with extra features including printable, portable worksheets and an interactive quiz show enabling you to compete head-to-head against the program or another player.

Features include:

  • 10 language games, including Out to Dinner & Lottery Numbers
  • 6 adjustable-speed stories for dictation & comprehension
  • Recording studio feature increases your speaking confidence
  • Printable worksheets

CD-ROM 4 - Interactive Picture Dictionary:

The essential vocabulary tool for English language study, the Interactive Picture Dictionary provides more than 2,000 word entries demonstrated through the use of photo imagery, audio and video clips, interactive games, and written constructions to ensure proper usage and spelling.

Features include:

  • 2,000 dictionary entries, each featuring its written form, audio clip & high quality visual representation
  • 2-way American English translations for Spanish, French, Italian & German
  • Quizzes & printable worksheets for review

CD-ROM 5 - Who is Oscar Lake? English:

You're a fugitive in a foreign city, falsely accused of the heist of a precious diamond, in Who is Oscar Lake? English. This interactive mystery game allows you to clear your name by following clues in English to find the missing jewel.

Features include:

  • English language immersion in an interactive game format
  • 3 possible endings that increase in difficulty
  • 70+ hours of fun language learning

Bonus! Merriam Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary 80,000+ entries, 100.000+ translation, and multiple search options are just a few of the features on this CD-ROM from the world lexicographical authority


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP:Pentium III 500 mhz processor Quicktime 6 or above 1024 x 768 resolution, 16-bit color quality 70 MB HD free space 128 MB RAM 24x CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive 16 bit Windows compatible soundcard Microphone (recommended)

Macintosh: OS X(v.10.1.x or higher) G3 or G4 Processor QuickTime 6 or above 1024 x 768 resolution (millions of colors) 70 MB HD free space 120 MB RAM 24x CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive Soundcard Microphone (recommended)

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