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ZOOM Rescue Heroes:
Hurricane Havoc
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Jewel Case) (HURRICANDJ)

Fisher Price / The Learning Company

Children's Game

Ages: 4 to 7

Help the Rescue Heroes Save the Day!

Saving the day has never been so much fun! Rookie Rescuers get to fly helicopters, put out fires, ride a police motorcycle and more! Realistic emergency situations, awesome rescue vehicles and action-oriented activities give your young hero a new adventure every time.

Calling All Kids! A hurricane has hit Metro Bay - and you can help the Rescue Heroes save the day. In one exciting rescue operation after another, you can help save people, animals and buildings. You can operate a jackhammer, out out fires from a rescue helicopter and ride a police motorcycle. With simple controls, 3D graphics and honor badges, Rescue Heroes Hurricane Havoc provides hours of fun, learning and adventure!

Action packed adventure that inspires young minds and imaginations!

This exciting Fisher Price Rescue Heroes game turns kids into quick thinking, fast acting heroes. Whether it's flying helicopters over fires, clearing road blocks or using jackhammers, `Rookies' learn the ropes in fun filled rescue operations.

Adopting the Rescue Heroes qualities of teamwork, perseverance and safety, Rookie Rescuers will be engaged in hours of fun filled, challenging play while learning a few of life's lessons along the way such as courage, respect for the environment and social responsibility.

Adventures Teach About Courage, the Environment & Social Responsibility

Whether operating a jackhammer, putting out fires from a rescue helicopter or riding a police motorcycle, young rookies learn the ropes through the Rescue Heroes' teamwork, perseverance and safety. Each mission helps kids learn about courage, respect for the environment and social responsibility.

  • Extinguish the hot spots with Billy Blazes™!
  • Help Wendy Waters™ put out the flames with the rescue helicopter!
  • Race Gil Gripper™ and Nemo™ to the Flood Zone.
  • Rescue lovable pets at the Animal Hospital.
  • Jump on a police motorcycle and help Jake Justice remove road blocks!
  • Create your own Rescue Heroes gear!

Game Features:

Cool 3D Graphics

Six exciting action-packed activities

Design center for creating your own Rescue Heroes gear

Realistic sound effects

Exciting musical score

Earn printable Rescue Heroes honor badges and a personalized certificate

Play Benefits

Teaches importance of safety

Promotes respect for the environment

Encourage creative thinking

Inspires imagination and role-playing

Introduces early science concepts


Windows 95 or 98: 486/66 MHz, 17 Mb hard drive space, 16 Mb RAM, 256 color (640 x 480 display), 4x CDROM drive, SoundBlaster or compatible 16 bit sound card.

Macintosh: PowerPC, System 7.5.1 or higher, 17 Mb hard drive space, 16 Mb RAM, 256 color, 4x CD ROM.


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