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ZOOM 1998 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
$12.95 (Win95/98) (OEM in sleeve) (GROL98PO)
$29.95 (Mac) (Jewel Case w/ Manual) (GROL98DMO)

The Deluxe Version has 2 CDs.

Grolier Interactive



8 from boot Magazine

Not Just Information...Answers

Easy to Use

The 1998 deluxe Edition of the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia is not only bigger and better, it's easier to use. Improved Help and Quick Tour features make it faster and simpler to find the answers you need. And the two-disc format is specially designed to maximize information and minimize disc swapping.

Easy to navigate

We've organized volumes of information for easy access, making it possible to perform in-depth research with point-and-click ease. Use Word Search, Browse and Knowledge Tree to explore new information and indulge your curiosity. But don't worry, we've made it fast and easy to get back where you started.

Easy to Understand

Sounds, pictures, animations and other multimedia are selected and produced to give you a fuller appreciation of the topic you're exploring. From illustrated articles to enhanced "Multiplex" videos, our goal is always to enrich and enlighten, not just inform.

The Online Knowledge Explorer

Much more than just a connection to the Internet. Your fastest access to a universe of easy-to-use information resources. The right reference for every situation: While the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia is renowned for its concise coverage, school assignments often call for more than one information source. The Online Knowledge Explorer provides exclusive access to two other distinguished Grolier encyclopedias and tens of thousands of links to specially selected World Wide Web sites.

The New Book of Knowledge. Practical, easy-to-read articles makes this resource uniquely suited for home and school use. With 16,000 links to this valuable reference tool, you'll find an explanation, not just information.

Encyclopedia Americana. It's the standard among American encyclopedias for authority and in-depth coverage. When you want a richer explanation of a topic, we've got over 21,000 direct links to this scholarly reference resource.

Grolier Internet Index. Fast access to the best of the World Wide Web. The index gives you more than 21,000 hand-selected links to Web sites that complement and enhance the information in our encyclopedia articles. A few easy clicks take you to Web sites on the subject of your choice.

Article Updates. You're never out-of-date with the 1998 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. The Online Knowledge Explorer gives you the latest information with an average of 500 article updates every month.

Innovative Features

Drill-Down Atlas

Explore your world like never before. Links from map to map let you "drill-down" to smaller and smaller geographical areas, to Point of Interest photographs, even related articles, all with the click of a button. Or, if you're interested in comparisons, you can jump from geopolitical to thematic to historical maps of the same area.


Now you can explore a wide range of high-interest topics in a fascinating new way. Take an organized, in-depth look at related articles, images and sounds. And with our exclusive interactive animations, you're in command of the action. Learning has never been so much fun.

Multiplex Videos

For the ultimate in a multimedia learning experience, multiplex presentations combine all the videos on a given topic on a single screen.

Interactive Timelines

With Interactive Timelines, you can explore the relationships between events in world history. Just choose a Timeline or an event, and you're on your way. What was happening in America when Genghis Khan was overrunning Asia? Now you can find out.

Guided Tours

Pick a topic and get ready to explore, as you're guided through a wealth of related sights, sounds and articles. View them in sequence, or pick the areas that interest you most. As always, with the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, the choice is yours.

New, Expanded & Improved

Over 35,000 Articles. Including 1,100 new and 4,200 updated articles.

Over 15,000 Images. Includes over 3,700 new pictures

Twice as Many Videos

31 Guided Tours

Over 15 hours of Sound

1,200 Maps. Geopolitical, historical and thematic maps, many with eye-popping multimedia features. All up-to-date reflecting changes around the world.

Yearbook. Current events, brought to life with vivid multimedia video coverage, interactive timeline, chronology of events and photos of the month for 1996-97.

400 Points of Interest

10 Custom Interfaces

The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, just click on a word or type it in to find out its definition.

Activity Book

Developed in cooperation with teachers and other education experts, the Free Activity Book enclosed in this package (a $12.95 value) provides fun family projects designed to help you become familiar with the many exciting features of the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998 - Deluxe Edition.


PC Requirements: a multimedia PC or compatible with a 486DX/33MHz or higher microprocessor, 8MB of memory, double speed CD-ROM drive, sound card, SVGA 256 color monitor, 10MB hard disk space, Windows 95 operating system or MS-DOS operating system 5.0 or later with Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later (and Microsoft CD Extensions version 2.2 or later), Apple Quick Time for Windows version 2.1.2 or later (supplied with product), Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device, wave-table sound card (optional, but recommended for best MIDI audio), speakers or headphones, printer (optional).

Mac Requirements: Macintosh - An Apple Macintosh computer or compatible with a 68030/25MHz (LCIII) or higher microprocessor, at least 5 MB of memory (in addition to that used by the operating system), a double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color monitor, 10MB hard disk space, System 7.1 or later.


boot Magazine, April 1998

"Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998 is a fine reference work with a few touches that lift it above the competition. The two-CD set is in many ways a standard encyclopedia. You can search terms, follow links of interest, and peruse the standard collection of images, maps, and videos. Images are particularly clean and readily available. The maps are highly effective, allowing you to drill down through multiple layers for more detail - in some cases, all the way down to street level.

"What lifts Grolier above other references is an excellent online element called The Online Knowledge Explorer. This feature lets you search additional reference works, including The New Book of Knowledge, the Encyclopedia Americana, and the Grolier Internet Index, a collection of 21,000 web links that guide you to additional information. On top of that, you have the assurance of knowing your reference work will never be out of date - Grolier updates approximately 500 articles a month, all available on the net.

"We highly recommend Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998. Beyond the common features of CD-ROM reference works, the online element pushes it over the top. You might get more detailed articles with Encyclopedia Britannica's 1998 offering...but not by much."

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