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ZOOM Gadget
Past as Future
$14.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (GADGETDR)

Gadget - Past as Future is a special 4 CD edition, featuring arresting graphics, enhanced game play, cinematic sequences in full color and a new interface.

Synergy / Cryo

Interactive Experience


8/10 from CD-ROM Power

from Four Fat Chicks

A Train Speeds Through a Retro-futuristic World

A compelling interactive story discovered through your eyes. Directed by Haruhiko Shono. Music composed by Koji Ueno. Story Developed by Hirokazu Nabekura

Here your task is to save the world from an approaching comet. This incredible race against time will have you operating the strangest machinery, speaking to numerous disturbing characters, finding the missing piece of a laser beam, plus piloting a monorail, an airplane and even a spaceship.

Gadget is a work of art in which the 3D graphics have been mastered to create places, people, and things that are as spectacular as the story. The careful interaction between first-person exploration, rich dialogue, beautiful cinematic scenery and sound effects give Gadget a rhythm that will captivate and haunt your spirit, bringing you back time and time again to the world of Gadget.


An epic interactive story.

Point-and-click, first-person navigation.

Experience the visual impact of elegant QuickTime movies.

Completely digital from start to finish.

Hours of exploration and discovery.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, SVGA graphics card, 2MB video RAM.

Tested OK on Windows XP. However, it requires Windows 95 compatibility mode to both install and play.

Macintosh: MacOS 7,5, Power PC 7500/120 ( not compatible with the PowerMac 8100), 16 MB RAM (24 MB rec), quad-speed CD-Rom drive.


CD-ROM Power, March 1995

"Gadget is easily one of the most stunning and intriguing interactive movies to date."

"Gadget is an adventure that draws you in and keeps you entertained until the final frames. You are in constant interaction with numerous characters, and you never really know who's telling you the truth or who you can trust, if anyone."

"Whether your definition of an interactive movie is a gaming experience where you must strategically solve puzzles in order to win, or whether you prefer an adventure that you watch unfold before your eyes, there's no denying that Gadget is one of the most unique achievements to hit the interactive world. It's fresh, it's fascinating and it will leave you with the feeling that you have just experienced a new form of filmmaking. There is no stress or strain involved, just pure entertainment, and that's what counts."

Four Fat Chicks by Orb

"This is not your usual game. It's an eerie world of motionless bodies and looming machines. Gadget is probably the best treated among the titles directed by Japanese artist Haruhiko Shono. It has been rereleased in an upgraded package by Cryo Interactive, which took over distribution from Synergy Interactive. Probably the biggest misconception about Gadget is that it's a game. Gadget is much more interactive fiction than game; it is more like a big brother of the graphic multimedia novel Sinkha than a true, pure adventure title. It was experimental when first published and as such bears greater resemblance to performance art than game, if you will."

"The graphics and style of design are simply what you are playing Gadget for. The hotel has the look and feel of Kubrick's Overlook Hotel in the film adaptation of The Shining. Much of the game has a very surreal feel to it; much movement from location to location is implied rather than stated."

"...As a performance art piece, or elaborate interactive fiction, it succeeds on a high level. Just don't go into it expecting a game, and you won't be disappointed."

Mr. Bill's Adventureland Review

"It is the disturbing mood that the developer has managed to create in this game that really grabs you. You are beginning to feel paranoid even before you have finished the introduction. You know that something strange is going on, not only in your retro-futuristic world but also inside yourself. And you don't know who to trust."

"It is a 1st person, point and click game. First released in 1993 and considered to be Haruhiko Shono's masterpiece, the game is really a modern-day work of art and was way ahead of its time. From the strange mood music and realistic sound effects to the detailed atmospheric 3D settings and the haunted, disturbingly real-looking people (but with subtitles only: no voice, except for the introduction and ending), the story reminds you of one that is a cross between Jules Verne and George Orwell, and the game itself appears more modern in many respects than some of the newer releases today."

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