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ZOOM Freddi Fish 4:
The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers
of Briny Gulch
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Vista/Classic Mac) (Retail) (FREDDI4DR)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.

Publisher: Humongous Entertainment

Children - Ages: 3 to 8

Saddle on Up, Cowpokes, for a Rootin'-Tootin' Adventure

Hey partner, Freddi Fish and Luther need your help! Cousin Calico's prize-winning hogfish have been fiendishly fishnapped by some rowdy hogfish rustlers! Always the brave adventurers, Freddi and Luther offer to find the rustlers' secret hideout, rescue the hogfish, and wrangle those rambunctious rustlers. You can help Freddi and Luther bring justice back to Briny Gulch as you explore exciting Wild West locations, investigate captivating clues and meet adventurous new characters, like cousin Calico, Sheriff Shrimp, Sahara Slim, and Eight Finger Phil. Most are helpful "good guys," but every good Western needs a "bad guy" or two...

Explore and Learn
The more you click, the more you learn. Talk with characters, explore locations, and just have fun.

Develop important logical thinking, problem-solving, and memory skills as you take an active - and interactive - role in solving the mystery of Cousin Calico's rustled hogfish.

Create and Have Fun
Take a break from the adventure as you create your own Wanted Poster, visit an "oysteroid" arcade, or play a nickelodeon movie.

Play Again and Again
It's a different game each time you play, so you can be a hero over and over again.

Kids Learn:

  • Strategic thinking skills and emphasize cognitive development
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Listening skills and decision-making strategies
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Sequencing and memory skills
  • Social skills including friendship and cooperation
  • Discrimination between relevant and non-relevant details and events
  • Prediction, hypothesis testing, and evaluation
  • Mental mapping


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 90 with 16MB RAM

Macintosh: 80MHz PowerPC, System 7.5.3 with 16MB RAM


Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"Once again this is an engaging children’s adventure which, as well as serving up a heap of fun, involves some entertaining problem-solving to put matters right. In this episode the pivotal task is to acquire an appropriate disguise to gain entrance to the rustler’s hideout. It might be a blue 10- gallon hat, or an orange, or purple one, together with a bow tie or bandana, and the required belt-buckle must be engraved with a particular letter.

"Of course, learning about the disguise is only the beginning for young players, then discovering and gathering the various items is an exercise in some careful detection and a lot of good deeds. Here the game introduces more variations with different puzzles requiring different strategies to solve them, so that alternative pathways open up and the game is slightly different each time it is played. Naming the culprit at the end of play also adds another dimension to this adventure. Here there is a vital clue in the closing scene that points the finger at the culprit. However, if children miss the preceding clues there’s no reprimand for getting it wrong. The unjustly accused character will simply plead innocence and give the player another chance of success.

"There’s a host of engaging characters to chat with on this journey and plenty of guidance at hand for young players who look and listen carefully. There’s also a detailed hints file on the CD accessible from within the game and all the gameplay is simple point and click."

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.