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ZOOM Star Trek The Next Generation:
A Final Unity
Sold Out (DOS 6.2Only!) (Retail) (FINALUNPR)

Spectrum HoloByte



Silver - Adventure/Role-Playing Game Title from New Media's 1996 Invision Awards

Embark on an Adventure Beyond Your Imagination

The crew is all here. Riker. Worf. Data. Troi. And, of course, Captain Picard. You hear Riker report that a ship is speeding through the forbidden Neutral Zone. Data announces it is a Garidian vessel. Troi explains Garidians may be on friendly terms with the Romulans. Captain Picard orders an intercept. And suddenly you are there too. Part of an original interactive mystery. Part of an epic intergalactic adventure that will take you from the outposts of Federation space, through treacherous shields-up confrontations, and beyond - into the uncharted dangers of a massive nebula. Now you're in command of the Starship Enterprise. Starfleet is depending on you. Take the Bridge.


IBM PC: Older DOS 6.2 Only software. Does not run in Windows 95/98 DOS Mode. 33MHz 80486DX compatible (66 MHz 80486 or Pentium recommended, local bus or PCI video recommended), 8MB RAM, minimum of 20MB free hard drive space, double speed CD-ROM drive, DOS 5.0 or later, Super VGA graphics (640 x 480 x 256 colors), 100% VESA compatible driver and 512K video RAM required, 32,000 colors and 64,000 colors supported, mouse, Sound Blaster (or 100% compatible), Pro Audio Spectrum, Ensoniq SoundScape or Gravis UltraSound required for sound.

Mac: 33MHz 68040 with FPU (or faster) (compatible with Performa 5200CD, 6100 series, 6200CD; Quadra 630, 650, 800, 840AV, 900; PowerBook 5300 series, Duo 2300c/100; Power Mac models), PowerPC processor recommended, System 7 and QuickTime 2.0 (or later), 12MB free RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, hard drive (4MB free), 640x480x 256 colors.


NewMedia, December 1995

"Finally, a solid Siliwood success.

"A Final Unity is a sublime meld of story and characters, sound and images, puzzles and problem-solving.

"In many ways it's better than any Star Trek TV show or movie. Not simply a chapter in the annals of the starship Enterprise, this plot is huge and fascinating, with several subplots and possible detours. The excellent writing is enhanced by the voices of the TV show actors, and the visual and aural package will maintain a grip on you until the satisfying conclusion."

"And it has replay value. You select from three difficulty levels, reducing the amount of 'advice' from crew members and increasing your control during combat. There are also several branching plot pathways that you can discover only through trial and error.

"While most games seem to peter out toward the end, A Final Unity actually improves."

Quandary Review by Adrian Carmody

"A Final Unity is a combination adventure/space action game which gives you the opportunity to guide the USS Enterprise from one challenging encounter to the next. The game involves some knowledge of the Star Trek universe, so for those of you who are like me and are not-so-avid followers of the TV and Movie series it might just be helpful to nip down to the local video store and hire a couple of episodes to brush up on your Trekker knowledge. Of course, this is not essential but it would give you a better 'feel' for the game and more appreciation of the atmosphere and the characters. Also, don’t forget to check out the ship’s computer which contains just about all the information you are likely to need. Want to know more about the Enterprise, its systems and its crew, or perhaps you need up-to-date information on other cultures such as the Klingons or Ferengi? You will find it all in here."

"So you are not absolutely certain that you are up to the task of captaining a starship, perhaps there are a few minor sub-systems where your knowledge isn't quite up to scratch -- well you can make it easier on yourself. In fact you have the choice of three playing levels -- Ensign, Lieutenant and Captain -- and choosing one of the former doesn't mean that you must relinquish your captaincy. Instead, according to your playing level you will obtain more or less advice from your crew to help you make your decisions when you encounter a tricky situation and, when embarking on any 'away' missions you will have more or less opportunity to chose your equipment and your team."

"...So, trip into the far reaches of the Universe, creep behind enemy sectors and navigate your way through some of the most dangerous space known to man. (Er, don't you mean sentient life-forms? - Ed.) Meet with diverse peoples and solve quests wherever you go. Make it so!"

Computer Shopper, November 1995

"The storylines are interesting, well-written, and true to the feel and philosophy of the series; they are aptly accompanied by the voices of the actors who played the roles on the series. The graphics are also impressive. Most of the puzzles are too easy to solve, however, and it is not much of a challenge to pick out the right dialogue responses when questioning other beings..."

"There are other adventure games that offer more excitement and a greater challenge than 'A Final Unity.' But fans of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' can't afford to pass this one up - it's like having several new episodes to watch and take part in."

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