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ZOOM Family Gathering
$18.95 (Win95/98 Only!) (Retail) (FAMGATHPR)
This product will not run on anything newer than Windows 98!!!

Palladium Interactive


Now It's Easier Than Ever to Record and Celebrate Your Family History

Easy to use. Family Gathering offers you easy and rapid data entry, and helps you add stories, names and all your family information through one easily accessed window. Enter your valuable family information into the Individual record. You can enter a virtually unlimited amount of information for each person, including stories, medical information and supporting evidence. Choose from over 150 pre-defined life events or create your own.

Family Gathering helps you every step of the way.

  • Complete tutorial section shows you where (and how) to begin.
  • Online advisors provide expert assistance.
  • On-screen help always available.
  • Share tips and compare notes with users online.

Creating a complete family journal is quick and easy. Family Gathering provides the best tools for creating and publishing a complete printed family journal. You simply enter your family information - the program automatically organizes your data and lets you publish a complete family history. Features include:

  • Narrative History with photographs and documents
  • Family Tree Charts
  • Table of Contents
  • Footnotes (patented process)
  • Index (individual, marriage, place)
  • Dozens of different charts and reports

Easily upgrade from other genealogy and family tree software. Family Gathering is GEDCOM-ready, allowing you to transfer data from most other leading software programs including Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest, Personal Ancestral File, Family Origins and others.

Go online to search for information.

  • View family web pages published by other Family Gathering users worldwide.
  • Link to the best genealogy web sites, newsgroups and FTP sites.
  • Exclusive Members Only area features information and assistance (and special offers) including:
    • Real-time chat rooms to connect with other genealogy enthusiasts or to hold online family reunions!
    • Moderated discussions hosted by professional genealogists on various special topics.
    • Direct online access to Lineages, Inc., one of the world's leading genealogy research services with exclusive discounted rates - and one free search - included.
    • "Shaking Your Family Tree" - over 10 years of genealogy advice columns from syndicated columnist Myra Vanderpool Gormley, with a new column every week.
    • Genealogy Reference Library for resources on national, state and local archives and historical societies.
    • Complete tutorial with case studies included.

Multicultural experts to guide you. Family Gathering addresses multicultural genealogy. Experts specializing in African American, Jewish, Native American and other cultures are part of the Family Gathering team.

Find your cherished family records. Family Gathering has partnered with one of the world's leading genealogy research firms, Lineages, Inc. to provide you with an online gateway to historical data. Lineages searches through millions of names for you and even provides hard-copy evidence. Lineages' professional staff has access to the world's largest and most important genealogy databases including:

  • International Genealogical Index. Historical records for over 165 million names.
  • Ancestral File. With 14 million names linked to families and pedigrees.
  • Social Security Death Index. Birth and death dates plus Social Security numbers for over 44 million Americans to facilitate your search of other public records.
  • International Records. Civil registration records from over 40 countries in North American, Europe, Central America and Australia.
  • International birth, marriage and death records back to the 1500s.
  • Plus many more.

Create your own family web page.

  • It's so easy - just enter the information and press a button.
  • Your page is automatically uploaded and posted to the World Wide Web (first 30 days free).
  • Your name and e-mail address can be displayed so family members can contact you.
  • Look for useful information in genealogies created by other Family Gathering users.

Create multimedia shows. Wow your family members with images and sound using the files stored in your Multimedia Library. You can even add voice-over narration. Slides can contain digitized images, audio files or OLE objects. And you can edit or modify photos to the size and look you want. You can save your presentation and run it at the touch of a button. Supports Kodak Photo CD, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and other common image file formats.

Create and print all the reports you need. Family Gathering prints everything from simple lists to fully indexed and documented books, including:

  • Family Journal: The narrative of your family's history.
  • Pedigree Chart: Graphically displays your ancestry.
  • Calendar: Notes birthdays, anniversaries and other major family events.
  • Ancestor (Ahnentafel) Report: Traces ancestry in text form.
  • Descendant Charts: Text, direct drop, indented formats.
  • Family Tree Box Chart: Features a variety of boxes, fonts and borders.
  • Family Group Report: Gives detailed information about family units.
  • Mail List: Report for mailing addresses and phone numbers. Creates mailing labels.
  • Tiny-Tafel: A shortened version of Ahnentafel report with one line of text for each family line.
  • Plus Custom Reports.


Windows 3.1 - 386/25MHz. Win95 - 486 DX 33MHz. VGA monitor, CD-ROM, 8MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space (requires 5MB per thousand names). Optional: sound card, TWAIN compatible scanner, modem (9600 baud minimum 14.4k baud or greater preferred).

GEDCOM-ready, allowing exchange of data with most leading genealogy software programs.

Supports the most popular Web browsers. Use your existing Internet service or sign up with SPRYNET, included inside.

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