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ZOOM Preschool Excelerator
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (EXCELPREDR)

Publisher: Topics Entertainment

Ages 3-5


4.5 from Children's Software Revue

Learning is as Easy as ABC and 123

Teachers agree, learning is easy when you're having fun. This four disc set of premium software titles combines fun with proven educational principles to provide children the spark they need to access a world of knowledge. Preschool Excelerator will teach your child the fundamentals expected of them to excel at these critical subjects. Packed with more than 25 individuals lessons and over 200 activities, this educational suite delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventures. Each program is uniquely designed to help kids learn basic skill sets. Your children will grow with confidence as they master multiplication, division and the secrets of science. Give them the advantage they deserve in today's competitive world.

Preschool Excelerator is the most complete collection of early learning software on the market today. It contains only those titles that have been highly rated by accredited reviewers and experts in the field. Compare Preschool Excelerator to any other product in its category and we're sure you'll agree, this is simply the finest software available for teaching young kids on the computer.

Four Award Winning Titles

Millie and Bailey Preschool

Visit Millie and Bailey in their playroom of fun. Build a house for a mouse using different shapes and sizes. Type on the Letter Machine and watch letters and words come to life. Whatever the game, supportive characters inspire curiosity and build confidence as kids explore. Dual settings encourage learning by experimentation or provide clues when needed. Children will play again and again for hours of interactive learning.

Eight Excellent Activities Include:

  • Make-a-Story
  • Card Making - Great for holidays
  • Number Machine
  • Read-a-Rhyme
  • Plus 4 more activities

More Bugs in a Box

Adorable animation and ear tickling sound effects build interest in insects right from the start! Fun, friendly and full of excitement, these bugs know how to teach creativity. Catch colored bugs, memorize bug music and read along in a bug-filled book. Quick installation and easy to follow instructions make this program a snap for children. Get a gaggle of giggles from the bugs in these boxes.

Ten terrific Activities including:

  • Rainbow Bug - Color recognition
  • Doodle Bug - Draw with Bugs
  • One Bug Band - Create music
  • Same and Different
  • Plus 6 more activities

Grown-Up Gabby in Once Upon a Time

Grown-Up Gabby loves to read books, but sometimes she needs your help. Join her on a trip to the store to find the perfect book. While choosing your favorite, learn about letters, words and alphabetical order. Follow along to a story about Stanley the spider and his journey in the back yard. Earn an extra book when you correctly solve each activity. Meet new friends, each one as special as the last. Reading is a joy with Gabby and her pals.

Five fantastic activities include:

  • Stanley's Day Out
  • Missing Word Story Book
  • Dickie the Dictionary
  • Murray the Map
  • Wanda Worm's Adventure

Alphabet Express

Hop aboard the alphabet train for an adventure through a wonderland of letters. Friendly critters introduce the ABC's and teach the skills required to spell and read. Use colors, games and puzzles to explore each activity. Engaging lessons inspire letter learning with shapes and sounds, while animated cartoons reward correct answers. Grab a seat and enjoy the ride.

Eight engaging activities include:

  • Hidden Letters
  • Mazes
  • Songs
  • Movies
  • Plus 4 more


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium, 24 MB RAM, 70 MB hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16 bit color (480x640 resolution), sound card, mouse and keyboard.

Macintosh: Power PC, Mac OS System 7.5.5 or higher, 24 MB RAM, 50 MB free disk space, 640 x 480, 256 color monitor, 4x CD-ROM drive.


Children's Software & New Media Revue, September/October 2001

"An excellent value, this four-CD set offers lots of fun activities and games for preschoolers. Each program was previously released as a stand-alone title. Millie & Bailey Preschool, produced by Edmark, offers many opportunities for children to play with letters and shapes, story and card making. More Bugs in Boxes is a delightful logic and creativity CD that lets kids draw with bugs, make music and real along in a bug-themed book. School Zone's Alphabet Express offers eight letter games including hidden letters, mazes and coloring. Finally, Grown-Up Gabby in Once Upon a Time is a limited, one-time-through interactive storybook with five activities. The first three CDs, however, are top-notch."


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