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ZOOM Math & Science Excelerator
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (EXCELM&SDR)

Publisher: Topics Entertainment

Ages 8-12
Grades 3-6


5 from Children's Software Revue

Watch Your Child's Grades Go Up Like a Moon Rocket

Teachers agree, learning is easy when you're having fun. This four disc set of premium software titles combines fun with proven educational principles to provide children the spark they need to access a world of knowledge. Math & Science Excelerator will teach your child the fundamentals expected of them to excel at these critical subjects. Packed with more than 15 individuals lessons and over 200 activities, this educational suite delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventures. Each program is uniquely designed to help kids learn basic skill sets. Your children will grow with confidence as they master multiplication, division and the secrets of science. Give them the advantage they deserve in today's competitive world.

Math & Science Excelerator is the most complete collection of math and science software on the market today. It contains only those titles that have been highly rated by accredited reviewers and experts in the field. Compare Math & Science Excelerator to any other product in its category and we're sure you'll agree, this is simply the finest software available for teaching young kids on the computer.

Four Award Winning Edmark Titles

Space Academy GX-1

Enter the Space Academy and tour the universe in search of star-studded facts and figures. Along the way, discover new planets and their cosmic characteristics. You will work with crew members to explore the boundaries of science. Learn about gravity, orbits and phases of the moon. Train your brain with rocket trajectory simulation and recreate solar events. As you succeed, the mission will become more challenging, forcing you to navigate through more difficult obstacles. Become a junior astronaut today.

  • Earth and Moon Simulator
  • Gravity Pilot Trainer
  • Planetary Data Center
  • Station Reference Guide
  • 25 Levels in Each Activity

Mighty Math Calculating Crew

Join Captain Nick Knack and Wanda Wavelet on a number crunching adventure. Super heroes abound in this ocean and space journey. They'll help you master multiplication and conquer counting money. You'll use fractions to find treasures and reasoning to raise your 3D know-how. Dominate division and snap whole numbers in half with your potent powers. Adjustable skill levels assist you on your quest to better grades. Great graphics and helpful hints make learning easy. Numbers have never been so much fun.

  • Super Hero Superstore
  • Nautical Number Line
  • 3 Dimension Lab
  • Capt. Nick Knack Supertrader
  • 25 Levels in each Activity

Thinkin' Science ZAP!

Shock yourself with your mind-bending knowledge of light, sound and electricity. The Wonder Dome has all the tools you need to test the limits of natural science. Work with ZAP, Blaze and Surge to amplify your brainpower. Bounce bots with sound and split light with lenses. Find fun facts in the Wonder Dome's Sci-clopedia. Experiments are plenty in this fun filled show lasers, circuits and frequencies.

  • Soundwave Studio
  • Laser Lab
  • Electrolift
  • Stage Shoe
  • Sci-clopedia
  • 25 Levels in Each Activity

MindTwister Math

Become a contestant in a game show loaded with math questions. Learn what your friends in a format that rewards correct answers. Strategize story problems and estimate equations as you play each game against the computer or buddy. Assess your proficiency and statistics. Hilarious hosts will guide you to success at every turn. Thousands of unique questions will insure repeated interest in this quizzical math challenge.

  • Mind Twinge
  • Cranium Cramp
  • Brain Sprain
  • All-Out MindTwister


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium, 16 MB RAM, 70 MB hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive, sound card, mouse and keyboard.

Power PC: System 7.5.6 or higher, 16 MB RAM, 40 MB hard drive space, 256 color monitor, 2x CD-ROM drive, mouse and keyboard.


Children's Software & New Media Revue, September/October 2001

"Four outstanding Edmark CDs are offered in this nicely priced bundle. Space Academy GX-1 has kids touring the galaxy, discovering planets and learning about gravity. Mighty Math Calculating Crew gives kids 'virtual manipulatives' for hands-on practice with multiplication, division, fractions and money. Thinkin' Science ZAP! serves up science with its own soundwave studio, laser lab, 'sciclopedia' and more. Finally, MindTwister Math lets youngsters practice their story problem, equation and estimation skills in a fun game show setting. This is a great set of programs for both home and school."

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