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ZOOM Emergency Room
Disaster Strikes
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (ERDISASTDR)

Publisher: Legacy Interactive


ESRB Rating: Everyone

Real Life, Heart Pumping Drama

You're the ER doctor on duty and it's never been crazier. Your city has just been devastated by the worst earthquake in its history, with massive destruction and flooding. Get to the scene of the disaster and start helping patients now.

Emergency Room - Disaster Strikes is part of the award winning and best selling Emergency Room series, with more than 350,000 copies sold.

So Intense, You'll Forget It's a Game

  • Successfully diagnose and treat patients and be promoted to Chief of Staff
  • Accurate medical procedures, designed by an ER doctor
  • More than 250 entertaining, all new video segments

Whole apartment buildings have collapsed. The wounded are everywhere. There's not a minute to lose.

Medical Tools
Examine and treat your patient, with state of the art medical tools such as forceps, bandages, splints, IV, and sutures.

Disaster Scene
Be the first on the scene to help victims with heart attacks, broken bones, internal injuries, burns, head trauma, drowning, lacerations, and much more.

Treatment Room
You've diagnosed his problem. Now all you have to do is patch him up. (But Doc, it's my toe that hurts.")


Windows 95/98: 200 MHz Pentium, 32 MB RAM, high color / 16 bit capable 2MB video card, 16x CD-ROM drive, sound card.

Power MAC: OS 7.6 or higher, 200 MHz, thousands of colors / 16 bit capable video card, 16x CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM.


Games Domain by Chris McMullen

"To be fair, Emergency Room: Disaster Strikes may well not be 100% medically accurate - not being a medical person, I can't vouch for its authencity. But it does require you to perform tasks that you usually see TV doctors having to do. The premise behind the game - which is actually the third game in the Emergency Room series - is that you work as a doctor in the emergency room of a hospital, in a city which is one day shaken by a big earthquake, resulting in chaos, carnage and casualties cropping up all over the place. It's up to you to visit one of three disaster sites, pick out one of the three patients at each site, and take them back to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. You can actually select a patient by ailment, so that you know what kind of casualties you're going to get - crushed leg, broken nose and so on. But it's more challenging to select the 'random' button which ensures the patients you encounter have a wide variety of problems, and also health insurance (the game curiously doesn't bring you into contact with uninsured punters - funny, that). And even more worryingly, the life of each one is in your unqualified PC game-playing hands - if only they knew. Let the mayhem commence!"

"On the whole, Emergency Room: Disaster Strikes is a competent medical sim, although it's not radically different to the two previous ER games..."

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