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ZOOM Emergency Room 2
$14.95 (Win95/Mac) (Retail) (ER2DR)

Legacy Interactive


Ages: 12 to adult

Life or Death in the ER...

Take charge of patients from the moment they enter the waiting room. They're suffering with everything from broken bones and overdoses to heart attacks and gun shot wounds. You're their only hope, don't let them down. It's real-life, heart-pumping drama. And you're always at the center of the action.

You're the attending doctor on duty in a busy hospital ER. In this realistic, high-energy, medical simulation, you examine, test, diagnose and treat patients. You'll have every medical advancement at your disposal, including real-time databases. You'll need them because in these touch and go situations, every decision is critical. Make the right moves and you can become Chief of Staff. Fail, and your career will be as dead as your patients.


  • 100 cases to choose from at varying difficulty levels
  • Complete array of patient symptoms; simple injuries to life-threatening traumas
  • Accurate medical data bases provide clues to the correct diagnosis
  • Entertaining live-action video footage, stunning 3-D settings and photo-realistic patients and injuries
  • Enjoy lighthearted comments from hospital personnel, including Joey Lauren Adams, star of Chasing Amy
  • An entertaining and educational challenge for teens and adults.

Waiting Room
Hurry, patients are waiting. Choose from 100 cases, at five levels of difficulty.

Exam Room
There are seven 3-D rooms in Legacy Memorial to explore. First stop, the Exam Room.

Conduct a complete head to toe exam of your patient with state of the art medical equipment.

Over 40 Medical Tools
You'll diagnose and treat your patient using everything from stethoscopes to forceps.

Treatment Room
You've diagnosed the problem, the stage is set. Now scrub in and get to work.

Don't Be Knife Happy
The Chief of Staff hates unnecessary procedures, so consider your treatment approach carefully.

Be the Top Doc
Earn the respect of your peers. Prove your skill and become Chief of Staff.

Emergency Room 2 is the sequel to the best selling Emergency Room series, which sold over 230,000 copies. Emergency Room 2 adds new 3-D graphics, new photographic body parts and injuries, enhanced medical cases, and Windows 95/98 and Macintosh compatibility.


Windows 95/98: 133 MHz Pentium, 24 MB RAM, high color (65,535 color) capable 2MB video card, 8x CD-ROM drive, sound card and mouse.

Power MAC: OS 7.6 or higher, 100 MHz, high color/16 bit capable video card, 8x CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM.


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