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ZOOM English Grammar Builder Deluxe
Sold Out (Win98/NT4/Me/XP/Mac) (Retail) (ENGBUILDDR)

Laser Publishing

Reference: Grammar/Vocabulary

You Can Do It!

English Grammar Builder Deluxe version contains two CD-ROMs: English Grammar Builder and English Vocabulary Builder.

English Grammar Builder and English Vocabulary Builder are part of the English Learning Builder Series' CD-ROMs. By using the "learning-by-doing" method, this self-paced, self-taught CBT system will let you master English grammar and vocabulary easily and quickly.

The "Learning-by-doing" Method

Learning and remembering the rules of English grammar has always been tedious. However, the words you use say a lot about your education, and potential. Correct grammar makes a lasting impression on friends, co-workers, professors, and managers. That is why the team at Laser Publishing Group created a witty and interactive approach to help you write and speak with greater clarity and confidence.

LP Group’s English Grammar Builder does not force you to memorize dozens of confusing grammatical terms and rules. Instead, it shows you the logic behind each grammatical rule through interactive exercises and answers. By using the "learning-by-doing" method, this self-paced, self-taught CBT system will let you master English grammar easily and quickly.

Diagnostic Test Room

In the Diagnostic Test Room you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge and pinpoint your problem areas with one of four tests. Each test contains 25 questions and several examples to show you how to answer them. After each test, you will get an instant score report of every part of speech. You may continue to take the test as many times as you wish to track your progress

Study Room:

Grammar: In the Study Room, each part of speech contains a quick review, step-by-step lesson and an exercise section. After the Diagnostic Test, you will know which part of speech you need to study first. By using the hypertext links, you can easily and quickly switch to the topic or exercise you wish to study.

Vocabulary: The Study Room, is divided into 3 sections: prefixes, roots and suffixes. Each section presents the word unit along with a simplified meaning for the unit and several sentences showing how to use the example word. Each section also comes with a series of exercises.

New Features:

  • An easy interface makes it easier to select topics and exercises, that are specially designed to help both English speaking people and ESL students.
  • Interactive exercises that includes a scoring feature.
  • The basic parts of speech—nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. with numerous examples.
  • Self-paced and self-taught CBT system.
  • Learning Grammatical terms and tips with sound files. Which are very important to ESL students.
  • An interactive e-Flash cards training system for building vocabulary.
  • A thorough discussion of most common and extensive usage of prefixes, roots, suffixes both in written and conversational English.
  • A bonus e-handbook of prefixes, roots, suffixes included.


Windows 98, Me, XP, NT 4.0,: 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended), a color monitor and a CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: System 7.5 or later; a color monitor; and a CD-ROM drive.

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