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ZOOM Numbers & Letters
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP/Mac) (Mini Retail) (ECNUMB&LDR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment

Ages 2-5

Software That Really Makes The GrAde

Winner Of 15 Major Industry Awards! Teachers agree: learning is easy when you¹re having fun. That¹s the spark behind Numbers & Letters Excelerator™, the 4-disc set of premium software titles combining amusement and education in one motivationally interactive package. Stuffed with more than 20 individual lessons and over 50 activities, this educational CD-ROM suite for children delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventure, ensuring the acquisition and retention of fundamental spelling and counting skills. Whether on sing-along safari with the gang from the PBS hit Zoboomafoo, or honing their number recognition and phonics ability with encouraging vocals from the Chatter Buddies®, first-time readers will grow with confidence as they immerse themselves in these challenging activities that adjust to a child¹s rising proficiency level.

Chatter Buddies Ready for Speech: Making the "R," "S," and "L" sounds

With a fun-filled mix of colorful animation and award-winning expertise, Chatter Buddies® Ready for Speech makes developing phonological skills as easy as A,B,C. Enter the playroom and join Pat, Pete, Gogo and the rest of the imaginative Chatter Buddies® cast on a learning adventure focused on three of the most commonly erred sounds that affect reading readiness in preschoolers and toddlers: "R," "S," and "L." With over two-dozen colorful activities focusing on aural awareness, sound identification, and speech formation, your child will quickly hone the essential verbal and communication skills needed for successful reading, writing, and social interaction.


  • Pre-phonics
  • Spelling-Sound Relationships
  • Spoken Word Structure
  • Task Completion Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills

Letters and Numbers

Now, little fingers and voices have a big environment for learning fun with Letters and Numbers, the dynamic sing-along educational program designed especially for kids. Simple button navigation lets youngsters click on 11 songs, and to sing along with each highlighted word, building their word recognition and reading skills. Following the song lessons, bright and colorful graphics enhance 15 interactive games and activities to reinforce the alphabet, numbers 1 to 20, and beginning addition, subtraction, & phonics.


  • Eleven Highlighted-word "Karaoke-style" Sing-alongs
  • Alphabet Order A to Z, and Z to A
  • Beginning and Ending Phonics Sounds
  • Number Order and Recognition 1 to 20
  • Counting to 5, 10, and 20
  • Beginning Addition & Subtraction

Zoboomafoo: Animal Kids

Leaping Lemurs! it's Zoboomafoo, everybody's favorite public television primate making the jump from Animal Junction to help youngsters increase their animal knowledge, and build their logic, listening, memory, and critical thinking skills. Playing Zoboomafoo: Animal Kids is just like watching an interactive episode of the hit PBS show, the Þfirst wildlife series created for preschoolers. Full of silly songs, creature crafts, and googleberry hunts, this learning software features 10 different games at three skill levels, all playable as often as desired, at your child¹s own pace.


  • 6 Printable Creature Crafts, including masks and pictures to color
  • 4 Zoboomafoo Songs
  • 10 Zobooland Skill-building Animal Games
  • Adjustable Game Difficulty Levels
  • Video from the PBS Series

Buddy Brush and the Painted Circus

The Circus is coming to town! Chugging down the tracks right into your home comes the Painted Circus™ Train carrying tents filled with zany activities, magical matching games, imaginative coloring exercises, and the ring master himself ­ Buddy Brush®. The Big Top has never been so exciting and educational, with its entertaining mix of enchanting music, bright colors, and playful scenery that stimulate creative and critical thinking, music appreciation, and exploratory skills. Including over 10 musical pages, basic puzzle games, and inspiring circus music that can be played at home or in the car, Buddy Brush® sets the stage for educational fun.


Win95/98/Me/XP/2000: , Pentium® 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 30 MB HD, 800 * 600, 16-bit high color display, 8X CD-ROM Drive, 16-bit Sound card, Mouse

Macintsoh: System 8.1 or higher, including OSX*, PowerMac 120 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 30 MB HD, 800 * 600, 256 color display 8X CD-ROM Drive, 16-bit sound card, Mouse * Some programs may run only on OSX classic mode.

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