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ZOOM Earth Quest
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2K/Mac) (Jewel Case) (EARTHQDJ)

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia


Ages: 8 and up

An Interactive Learning Adventure That Takes You to the Center of the Earth

Explore the might and mystery of the Earth's inner workings with Earth Quest! Learn about the Earth not just in three dimensions, but in the the fourth dimension - time - as you observe geologic processes that span millions of years in the real world, speeded up in this unique virtual environment. As dynamic and dramatic as the Earth itself, Earth Quest is the only CD-ROM of its kind, and the perfect guide to geology, geophysics, and earth science for any curious mind aged 8 and up.

It's 200 million years ago. The Earth's single land mass is about to break up. And you are there. A compelling, comprehensive resource for students, and for everyone interested in the Earth and the astonishing forces that continue to shape it, Eyewitness Virtual Reality Earth Quest lets users explore the formation and evolution of our planet with a visual brilliance and wealth of features unmatched by any other book, video, or CD-ROM. Dazzling 3D graphics, interactive exhibits, and DK Multimedia's unique Eyewitness Virtual Museum interface all combine to make this CD-ROM the ultimate learning adventure.

Earth Navigator. Like all Eyewitness Virtual Reality titles, Earth Questis fully cross-referenced and indexed and includes a Navigaor "floor plan" to get you to the information you need quickly and easily.

Violent Earth. Create six types of volcano and watch them erupt; activate earthquakes and see the effect each one has on its environment.

Dynamic Earth. The 3D Eyewitness Virtual Museum is your gateway to the Earth's interior. Start your journey in the Earth Gallery, and you will be alerted when geologic events are about to take place in the museum.

Earth Builder Challenge. Learn how the continents formed over eons by answering questions to release and place onto the globe the 17 tectonic plates that make up the Earth's surface.

Dazzling Earth Gallery. The Earth Gallery is a treasury of information that makes an ideal introduction to the rest of the museum.

Information Source. Each rock and mineral sample is accompanied yb detailed information.

Learn to Classify. Each rock and mineral sample is classified according to its structure and properties.

Showcase. Over 200 samples of rocks, minerals, and gems are displayed to dazzling efect in the museum's central room, the Earth Galelry.

Changing Earth. Learn how the Earth evolved over billions of years and how it continues to develop and change to this day.

Online News Update. Check out the Online link to access the ultimate Internet resource.

Educational Benefits:

  • learn basic facts about geology and minerals
  • classify rocks, minerals, and metals
  • explore Earth's landform types
  • analyze the nature of volcanoes
  • find out about tectonic processes
  • Identify the causes of earthquakes
  • study a range of energy resources

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000 (Only), 486DX/33MHz, 8MB RAM (12MB recommended), 640x480 pixels 256 colors (16-bit colors preferred), double speed CD-ROM drive, 13MB hard drive space, 8-bit sound card, loudspeakers or headpones, mouse. To access Science Online, the online feature in this product you will need Internet access.

Does not work on Windows XP.

Requirements: Macintosh - System 7.0+, 68LC040 25MHz, 8MB RAM (12MB required for PowerPC), 640x480 pixels 256 colors (thousands of colors preferred), double speed CD-ROM drive, 9MB hard drive space, 8-bit audio, loudspeakers or headphones, mouse. To access Science Online, the online feature of this product, you will need Internet access.


Computer Shopper, September 1997

"Earth Quest, the latest installment in DK Multimedia's Eyewitness Virtual Reality series, seeks to cultivate a better understanding of the original "mover and shaker" - the Earth - by explaining the forces and physics that shape our planet.

"In adition to its numerous presentations of rocks and minerals, Earth Quest's 30 interactive consoles immerse you in the earth sciences with multimedia explorations of such topics as the Earth's origins, the distribution of mineral resources around the globe, and historic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Our favorite was the Activate an Earthquake console, which lets you set the magnitude of an earthquake, and then watch a cityscape rock and roll.

"Besides shaking and baking, the program offers readily comprehensible explanations of plate tectonics and the formation of the continents, as well as 3-D panoramas that show how mountains and deserts are formed by erosion, weather, and other factors. Other nicely done exhibits explore the formation of rocks, gems, crystals, and minerals, and the science of mining them out of the earth."

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