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ZOOM D.W. the Picky Eater
Sold Out Includes a toy D.W.
(Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (DWPICKYPDR)

Publisher: Broderbund


Ages: 3 to 7

Join D.W. In a Delicious Discovery

An Irresistible D.W. Story
Step into the hilarious world of D.W. - where pickles, pineapple, parsnips, spinach, and many more disgusting looking food are the enemy. And where the only "safe" place is at home... Until D.W. makes a delicious discovery.

Five Interactive Learning Activities
In addition to an interactive story, kids also discover five fun-filled learning activities. All designed to help kids develop creativity, early reading skill-building, hand/eye coordination and much more.

Play House. Decorate the play house any way you like. Arrange furniture. Place paintings. Move characters. Then print your play houses to collect.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Save the Garden. A greedy gopher wants to grab all the carrots. You can stop him, but you have to be fast. Use your handy water bucket to save the plants and soak the gopher.

Food Pyramid. Figure out which foods D.W. is thinking about to help Arthur build a pyramid. You'll learn which foods are vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and more.

Story Maker. It's easy to create your own stories. Just pick the themes, pictures and phrases and put them into the pages. You can even replay or print your stories to share with others.

Word Recognition
Sticker Fun. Replace words from the story with pictures that match them. It's a great way to start building early reading skills. There are 30 stickers in all.

Skills Development

  • Storytelling
  • Word Recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Pre-reading & Reading
  • Sentence Building
  • Creativity
  • Logic
  • Nutrition


Windows 3.1/95/98: 66MHz 486DX or faster, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 8MB RAM (16MB RAM for Windows 95/98), minimum 10MB hard disk space, 640x480 display, 256 colors, Windows compatible sound device, video and sound cards compatible with DirectX. Printer support: Works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

Macintosh or PowerPC: System 7.1 or higher, 33MHz 68040 or faster, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 8MB RAM free, minimum 10MB hard disk space, 640x480 display, 256 colors. Printer support: Works with most popular Macintosh compatible printers (monochrome and color).

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