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ZOOM Dr. Seuss ABC
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Classic Mac) (Jewel Case) (DRSEUSSDJ)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.
Sorry; Discontinued



Ages: 3 to 7

Multilingual: English and Spanish


Awesome from New Media

5 Stars from Electronic Entertainment

3 1/2 Stars from CD-ROM Today

Explore the Extraordinary World of Dr. Seuss

A is for amazing alphabet!

B is for beginning readers.

C is for clicking on curious characters.

The magic of Dr. Seuss's popular books comes to life in this fun-filled introduction to the ABCs of reading. With Dr. Seuss's special brand of humor, rhyme and illustration there's never a dull moment.

Unlike a printed primer, this Living Book creates a responsive environment in which children make the connection between sounds, symbols and words. On each page, a touch of the mouse awakens funny talking characters, zany sound effects and an original soundtrack.

Click on a noun and see its picture. Click on a verb to see an action. It's easy for kid to replay a favorite part, skip ahead and learn more than 600 different words while they play.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/XP: For Windows 3.1+ IBM or compatible 386SX or higher with 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, Super VGA (640x480, 256 colors), Sound Blaster and 100% compatible sound cards, mouse. For Windows 95 486 or higher with 8MB RAM.

Requirements: For Macintosh 6.0.7-7.4, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, 256 color monitor. For Macintosh and PowerMacintosh System 7.5-9.2 8MB RAM.


New Media, December 1995

"It seems impossible that anyone could improve on Dr. Suess, but Living Books did it, with new rhymes, lots of boogie-woogie music, dancing and out-of-tune singing. The paperbound book is included for comparison or for purists, but almost everyone will love the new (and animated) life Theodor S. Geisel's characters are given on CD-ROM. This title answers the question, 'If it's a book, why should it be CD-ROM?' Plus, it may be the only time you'll hear jazz played on a zither!"

CD-ROM Today, April 1996

"...Reading is still pleasantly simple (a typical passage has no more than 10 words), but the CD adds new attractive plot elements. For example, those who have met Aunt Annie's alligator in the book will be tickled to learn his name (Albert), his vice (stealing apples), and a bit about his personal life (Aunt Annie adopted him in August). And if you click on the appropriate icon, your child can belt out the ABC song with Icabod and Izzy, the CD's co-narrators, as the letters boogie in the background.

"Although the electronic Dr. Seuss's ABC is entertaining, it has some flaws. The story runs on automatic most of the time, even in play-along mode, and young kids may be frustrated waiting for animations to finish before they can interact with the CD."

HomePC, February 1996

"From Aunt Annie riding bareback on her alligator to the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, it'll be hard for this disc's target audience of kids - or adults, for that matter - to resist the charms of the first Dr. Seuss title to become an interactive storybook. Two guides, Ichabod and Izzy, lead children (recommended ages 3 to 7) through the tale, which encourages young readers to make connections among sounds, letters, words and meanings. As in all of Dr. Seuss's classic tales, rhyme and humor - if not reason - are ever-present, from a camel dancing a conga on the ceiling to a belching elephant who chomps delightedly on eclairs."

Electronic Entertainment, November 1995

"Dr. Seuss's ABC is everything good about Living Books - and more. As with the other eight titles in the animated stroybook series, your kids will love the silly characters and clever animations tucked behing the story's pictures...

"But this title extends the Living Book concept in two ways. First, since it's an entertaining romp through the alphabet, it's a lot grander - 26 screens of delightful surprises in all - than its predecessors. That adds up to greater replayability. Kids will also love the sing-along activity (the time-honored 'A-B-C Song) that Living Books added to the mix."



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