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ZOOM The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Jewel Case) (DRBRAINDJ)

Sierra On-Line


Ages: 12 to adult

The Third Installment in the Popular Dr. Brain Series

Dr. Brain has been experimenting again in his lab...and the results are mind-boggling!

Suddenly, he hasn't a thought to call his own while Rathbone (his lab rat) is a rodent genius. Now Dr. Elaina Brain (renowned scientist and Dr. Brain's niece), will be your guide as you explore and repair every demented region of Dr. Brain's complex brain.

Hang on for the wildest and wackiest brain-bending adventure of your life.


Your brain will thank you. Outrageous 3-D graphics and animation.

Play till your brain explodes. Unlimited game play.

Your actual brain may vary. Switch back and forth while you play. From novice, expert and genius skill levels.

Brain stuck? Don't sweat it! Get hints anytime from Dr. Elaina.

No brainer! Unfinished games are automatically saved.

Brain Busters * Mind Melters * Thought Bogglers

Totally CAD!
Can you design and create in 3-D?

Classical Blast
Can you rearrange history's greatest musical compositions?

Addicting Fun
Can you complete the Pentode?

Can your mind comprehend a whole new dimension?

How Low Can You Go?
Can you solve the Neural Maze?

Requirements: Windows - 486SX, 4MB RAM, SVGA 640x480 256 colors, sound card w/DAC, mouse.

Requirements: Macintosh - 256 colors, System 7.0 or higher, 2.2MB RAM available.


Computer Shopper, August 1995

"This entertaining program offers brain-numbing logic puzzles wrapped in rich graphics and warped by a zany theme."

"The program features creative logic, deduction, and timing puzzles that have you routing cells, much like trains on a railroad track, or moving them in a hockey-like game by introducing energy patterns. It also has 3-D puzzles that ask you to re-create objects one side at a time, word/letter scrambles, filing games, multilevel mazes to navigate, programming games that set robots in motion, and music activities. The relentless sequence of puzzles can wear thin after a while, but kids and adults should have a great time and come back for more because the puzzles are well designed.

"The game isn't linear - if you get stuck, you can try another type of puzzle. Dr. Brain poses three difficulty levels to challenge players from eight-year-olds to adult. Our young testers, ages nine to 12, were immediately hooked, and grown-ups had fun as well."

PC Gamer, December 1996

"When Dr. Brain transfers his intelligence into a lab rat, children can rejoice because the search for a remedy is a playground for the nervous system. Sierra's program challenges children to conquer various puzzles that have been souped up with action game techniques.

"The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain has a thin, but sufficient story line running through the puzzles: The race to restore Dr. Brain's intelligence, the various persona taken on by lab rats in each puzzle, the pedantic niece's explantions of the mental process being affected by each puzzle all spin an appealing yarn through the program.

"While the graphics and plot are well crafted, the puzzles are the crowning jewels. Some puzzles are new, such as Train of Thought which requires players to direct balls across tracks and through switches in a particular order. Other puzzles may be familiar, like Synaptic Cleft which is a remake of an old Macintosh favorite called Crystal Quest. Each puzzle features 20 levels of difficulty, starting out so simply that players can build on their successes.

"The Lost Mind of Dr. Barin has great educational value, but the lessons are well camouflaged. Players develop their logic, their memory, their spatial perception and many other thinking skills as they work through Dr. Barin's games. These are the kinds of exercises that can't be duplicated in the real world, making this package an excellent and most engaging choice."

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