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ZOOM Multimedia Dogs, Version 2.0
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (DOGSDJ)

Inroads Interactive / M2K



Thumbs up from New Media

CD-ROM Has Finally Gone to the Dogs

It 's a dog's life with Multimedia Dogs 2.0, where over 175 different breeds representing 250 varieties are showcased in full-motion video, sensational photography, informative text and graphics.

What's the perfect dog for you? Just use our powerful "Fetch" function, customizing your search with eight criteria ranging from size to disposition to home protection. Or just have fun browsing the five other forums at your leisure.

And that's only the beginning. Explore exciting interactive articles on nutrition, obedience training, health and anatomy. Plus, special interactive world and country maps show the origin of all the breeds. There's also a dog Fun! room boasting bizarre morphs, puppies at play, entertaining games, a photo gallery and more.

Perfect for dog-buyers, owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of all ages, Multimedia Dogs 2.0 will have you howling with pleasure and begging for more.


Over 175 breeds & 250 varieties - all with professional video and photography

  • 200 video clips
  • 500 photographs
  • 200 audio clips
  • 700 articles

Articles and videos on training, grooming, health care, breeding, getting a new dog

"Fetch" finds the perfect dog for you

World maps show the origin of every breed

Electronic Breeder Directory

Fun Room! with games & quizzes, morphs & movies, and a humongous slide show

Hollywood celebrity & cartoon dogs

Professional audio, narration & musical score

Supports printing and 16-bit & 24-bit video

Performs under Windows 95

Power Macintosh-native


Windows: PC compatible: 386 CPU or higher, Super VGA display (640x480, 256 colors), 4MB RAM (8MB recommended), CD-ROM drive, Windows 95 or higher (including Windows XP), QuickTime for Windows 2.0 or later (included on disc), sound card, speakers and mouse.

Macintosh: 256 color display, 13-inch monitor, 4MB of free RAM, CD-ROM drive, QuickTime 2.0 or higher (included on disc), System 6.07 or higher.


New Media, September 1995

"'CD-ROM has finally gone to the dogs,' boasts Multimedia Dogs, and every dog has its day - or rather, its screen - in this well-designed showcase of more than 130 breeds that covers everything from evolution to selecting the perfect dog. (Even mutts get a fair shake.) You navigate with a bone-shaped icon, the Bonigator, that leads you to text, a full-screen image, a video and audio clip, and a profile of your favorite breed. The Fetch feature provides criteria to help you find the pooch of your dreams. The specific breed information, however, is limited. The title also covers health, feeding and grooming, and includes a world map showing the origin of each dog and a fun feature with pouncing puppies and morphing dogs."



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