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ZOOM A World of Dinosaurs
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (DINOPACKDR)

Publisher: Countertop Software


Two Huge Educational Games...
and, Three Great Reference Titles

A World of Dinosaurs is the ultimate boxed set/collection. Searching the modern and prehistoric world, we were able to come up with these five monster hits that represent the best titles ever produced on this immensely popular subject. A World of Dinosaurs combines the finest in kids educational game titles like Knowledge Adventure's huge hit 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, and I Can be a Dinosaur Finder from Macmillan Publishing, with awesome reference and learning CD's like Multimedia Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Museum, and Prehistoric Animals. In short, A World of Dinosaurs is the biggest, most exciting box set ever released on Dinosaurs and Prehistoric animals, and is an absolute winner in content, value, and entertainment. The whole family will enjoy the experience, and use these CD-ROM's over and over again.

3-D Dinosaur Adventure

This award winning, best-selling program gives you a prehistoric lifetime of amazing 3-D action. beginning in a virtual reality theme park, kids set out on an action-packed journey of Dinosaur discovery. 3-D Dinosaur Adventure includes a Dinosaur Art Museum and an actual authentic fossil from the age of the Dinosaurs. With enthralling games, fun activities and comprehensive reference tools, this is a learning experience kids will never forget.


  • Fact packed Dinosaur Encyclopedia
  • 10 Dynamic activities
  • 25 movies
  • More than 300 images
  • 150 Dinosaurs and Reptiles
  • Talking storybook that builds reading skills

I Can Be A Dinosaur Finder

Explore prehistoric paleoworlds, learn about Dinosaurs, Fossils, Prehistoric creatures and what it takes to become a paleontologist. I Can Be A Dinosaur Finder provides hours of discovery into the world of Dinosaurs while learning math, science, geography and cognitive skills.


  • Dig for over 50 fossils in 6 locations around the world
  • Play 9 fun filled activities that teach math, science, and geography
  • Hours and hours of hands-on exploration into prehistoric worlds
  • Go back in time to play with dinosaurs and see how they roamed the earth
  • Over 80 hours of game play

Dinosaur Museum

Millions of years ago, Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Now, with the power of CD-ROM, you can travel back to meet them. Dinosaur Museum transforms your computer into a time machine - with vivid sound, lavish color, and exciting interactive games for all ages. Presented by the Smithsonian Museum, with contributions from 24 other great museums. From the flesh-eating Tyrannosaurus to the armored Stegosaurus, these creatures of the past are waiting to meet you in dinosaur museum. This content- packed learning experience will be a guaranteed hit with the whole family.


  • 3-D exhibits
  • Hundreds of photographs
  • The game room
  • Dinosaur dictionary
  • World maps
  • Dinosaurs at the movies
  • The museum room

Multimedia Dinosaurs

Multimedia Dinosaurs is a voyage into the world of Dinosaurs with a difference. Explore the Dinorama section, and watch dinosaurs at play in over 20 animated sequences. Check out the Dinosaur Database for printable pictures and info on many of the best known species, and test your dino-recognition skills in the Dinosaur Silhouette game.

Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric Animals charts the evolution of animal life, from the strange fossils found in the Ediacaran Hills of Australia to the amazingly well preserved saber-tooth cats and mastodons of the La Brea Tarpits. This CD-ROM documents the evolutionary advances made by the major animal groups and shows that although the dinosaurs were an important part of Earth's history, they are just part of the exciting story of the prehistoric life on our planet.


  • 25 minutes of narrated video and animations
  • Point-and-click interface
  • Chapter quizzes
  • Full index of prehistoric animals
  • Location maps
  • Hundreds of color pictures
  • Information on where to see the animals in museums across the world
  • Unique prehistoric animals database featuring information on over 7000 species


Windows 3.1/95/98: 486 PC or higher, 2x CD ROM drive (4x recommended), 10MB hard drive space, 8MB RAM, 640x480x255 graphics, soundcard, mouse.

NOTE: Does NOT work on XP

Macintosh: 68040 or PowerPC with System 7.5 or higher, 4 MB free RAM, 256 or more colors , compatible with 13" monitor or larger.

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