Dinosaur Adventure

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Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 5 to 105

We could have called this visit to the Age of Dinosaurs "Lifestyles of the Large and Scaly." Because here you'll discover the fascinating facts about how dinosaurs may have evolved, lived and why they vanished. How do we know when they lived? What did they eat? How did they raise and care for their young? Why were some smaller than most household pets, while others were more than half a footbal field in length? Dinosaur Adventure helps you find the answers. With dramatic illustrations, vivid descriptions, all linked together for exploration at the click of your mouse button.

Explore an Earth with only one great continent...

Dinosaurs roamed a very different planet than the one we know today. Millions of years ago there was only one great land mass, bathed in topical heat from pole to pole. A strange environment perhaps, but a great place for dinosaur living.

Dinosaur Adventure lets you explore that world and its inhabitants. How did such an earth come to be? What was the climate like? How has it changed? As you move from screen to screen you can click on a stunning simulation that shows how the continents separated and drifted over a billion years to their present locations. Plus a full-motion video that shows how the mighty Pteranodon flew.

Meet an All Star cast of dinosaurs and the explorers who found them...

For millions of years the mystery of dinosaurs was locked in fossils buried in bedrock. Only in the last 150 years have we learned of their existence. And new types are still being discovered today. How were their fossils formed? How were they discovered, classified and studied? Who were these pioneer dinosaur hunters? Where were their first great discoveries made? How has the science of dinosaur discovery changed?

As you share their discoveries you'll meet more than 40 of the most interesting and terrifying of these prehistoric monsters. Tyrannosaurus Rex, at 8 tons the worlds biggest, most fearsome predator. The late, great Triceratops, the three-horned, armor-plated beast that emerged toward the end of the dinosaur era. Pleisiosaurus, the tiger of the seas. How did they evolve? Why did they look the way they did? Why were some gigantic (Brachiosaurus) while others (Coelophysis) were no larger than a man.

An adventure you'll never forget...

Dinosaur Adventure is like having your own time machine. It lets you travel back to a time when dinosaurs and their reptile relatives ruled the earth. You'll learn how and why these amazing creatures appeared. How they became the dominant form of life on earth before man appeared. And why, after 150 million years, they mysteriously disappeared.

And because your time machine is an Interactive Book you'll travel with color, sound, and full-motion video on board. A more exciting trip by far than turning the pages of an ordinary book. More fun, and more rewarding than computer games.

Requirements: A hard disk with at least 5MB free, a color VGA monitor, mouse, SoundBlaster, Covox, AdLib Gold, Pro AudioSpectrum 16, Disney-Sound Source or compatible.


New York Times

"Unlike other educational programs that require the user to follow a certain route to chase the crook on a linear path and son on, Knowledge Adventure entices the user to explore a seemingly endless maze of information. children who are old enough to read can start to take advantage of the program, yet (it) will also appeal to parents."

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