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ZOOM The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
$14.95 (Win95/98/Mac Only) (Jewel Case) (DEADSEADJ)

Pixel Multimedia / Logos Research Systems


Exploring the Original Texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls lay hidden in the Judean desert for almost 2000 years. They were written in the Holy Land at a time when Christianity was about to take shape and Judaism was undergoing momentous developments. Ever since their chance discovery in 1947, they have posed a series of challenging and unsettling questions. Who wrote them, and why? Do they hold a secret meaning? What do they reveal about the origins of Christianity and modern Judaism?

The Dead Sea Scrolls...

  • The most important archaeological find of the 20th century
  • Includes the oldest known Bible manuscripts
  • The focus of worldwide speculation, controversy, and intrigue
  • Written 2,000 years ago
  • Discovered by a Bedouin shepherd in a desert cave in 1947

This interactive CD-ROM will serve as a friendly guide to all the major aspects of the Scrolls and their background.

It offers close-up pictures, for instance, of the exquisite lettering on the ancient Hebrew texts, or flies the viewer through unique 3D constructions of the Qumran settlement and of the conceptual Temple as described in the Scrolls.

And it provides various historical overviews that distill decades of scholarly research. These overviews include:

The discovery of the Scrolls, and the fascinating story of how they were subsequently bought and sold, and eventually brought together as a collection.

The location, describes the desert environment around the Dead Sea, and the influence it must have had on the lives and thoughts of the inhabitants.

The people, notably the Essene Sect, associated with the doctrines of the Scrolls.

The scholarship, archaeological, linguistic, Biblical, and scientific - that has gone into piecing together the Scrolls and unlocking their significance.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed is a powerful multimedia database - richly textured through its cross-referenced capabilities, yet always easy to use. Among its notable technical features are several floating palettes, designed to help navigate smoothly and retrieve information.

The Connections floating palette, for example, provides access to the cross-referenced materials - being context-sensitive, it makes for easy transfer between related topics of interest.

The floating navigation palette provides, at the click of a button, immediate access to such facilities as the Glossary, Memory, and Marker.

The Marker works like a bookmark, and helps the user to collect information for later viewing.

The Memory, which the user can adjust individually, helps to control the flow of data, and to delve more deeply into any particular topic.

The Glossary is a lexicon of keywords, accessible through Hypertext - whenever such a word occurs on-screen, the user can retrieve a definition of it instantaneously.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed not only draws on the research of the world's leading Scrolls scholars - you can see and hear a number of them expressing their individual opinions on the subject.

This officially authorized CD-ROM of the Scrolls was developed by Pixel Multimedia and Aaron Witkin Associates in association with the Israel Antiquities Authority and under exclusive license.

Package includes...

Original Manuscripts. First published color images of the ancient manuscripts

Color Photos. Artifacts, people, historical sites and more

Video Clips. Over 70 minutes of unique historical video, 3D animated computer reconstructions, interviews, and more

Interviews. Leading scroll scholars discuss the scrolls, the debates, and the surrounding controversy

Translations. Parallel, on-screen English translation of selected manuscripts.


Windows 95/98 Only, 486 or higher with minimum of 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended) and 256 color, double speed CD-ROM and supports most sound cards.

Macintosh LCIII or better with 3 MB RAM available to the application and 256 color.


The Messianic Times, Spring 1995, By John McRay

""Recent releases of all the Dead Sea Scrolls and fragments for publication have boosted public interest in the documents higher than at any time since their discovery in 1947

" It was inevitable that the story of the discovery and subsequent history of one of the most famous and important archaeological discoveries of our time would be put on CD-ROM. Truthfully advertised as an "interactive multi-media learning experience," the disc is an up-to-date mine of information on virtually every aspect of the history and importance of these documents."

"The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed will function as an unrivaled teaching aid and source of information for students and scholars who need frequent and graphic access to these scrolls in their modern as well as cultural contexts. It will also provide those with only a cursory but inquisitive interest in the documents an up-to-date, fascinatingly presented summary of the facts and fantasies associated with the Scrolls and also the various opinions of the scholars who argue them."

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