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ZOOM The Day After Trinity
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (Retail) (DAYAFTERDR)

The Voyager Company



5 stars from Electronic Entertainment

4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today - Best Special Interest Reference 1995

J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb. A film by Jon Else.

Fifty years ago, on July 16, 1945, the first nuclear weapon exploded into the desert sky at Trinity Site - Alamogordo, New Mexico. Jon Else's Academy Award- nominated documentary is the definitive record of the building of the bomb and a penetrating portrait of J. Robert Oppenheimer, its brilliant and elusive architect.

Nobody knew whether the bomb would work at all, or work so well that the atmosphere itself would ignite (the night before, physicist Enrico Fermi was taking bets on the odds of incinerating the State of New Mexico). With the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the buoyant spirit of the war effort yielded to the grim reality of the Cold war, the McCarthy Era, and the elegiac interviews of an extraordinary scientific elite, The Day After trinity achieves an emotional force and focus which no other work on the subject even approaches.


The complete eighty-eight-minute film in QuickTime video.

A realtime running commentary by the director Jon Else, documentary scholar Michael Renov, and cultural critic B. Ruby Rich.

A dossier from the declassified files of the Manhattan Project, the FBI, and the scientific community.

A photo gallery of almost one hundred images.

Complete working transcripts, biographical notes on everyone who appears in the film, and a glossary.

Requirements: Windows - 486SX-33 or higher processor; 640x480, 256-color display (accelerator recommended); 8 Mbytes RAM; MPC2-compatible CD-ROM drive and sound card with speakers or headphones; Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Requirements: Macintosh - Any color Macintosh (25-MHZ 68030 or better recommended); System 7; 13" (640x480 resolution) or larger display; at least 8 Mbytes RAM (5,000 free); CD-ROM drive (double-speed recommended).


Electronic Entertainment, November 1995

"As we put the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings behind us, Voyager's CD-ROM version of the Oscar-nominated documentary film The Day After Trinity achieves a timely and profound resonance. In unmistakable Voyager fashion, this Windows/Mac disc will deepen your understanding of the subject and broaden your appreciation of the issues."

"The disc illuminates bomb developer J. Robert Oppenheimer and the events leading to the first-ever test of the bomb in the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945. Photographs, interviews, and reproductions of critical government documents supplement the text. In addition, you'll find files from the top-secret Manhattan Project, as well as the McCarthy-era FBI files on Oppenheimer, who was deemed subversive in those paranoid times. The interviews and insights of Oppenheimer's peers add extra meaning to the film itself. A separate sound track (not unlike those frequently found on laserdiscs) offers commentary from Trinity director Jon Else, researcher Michael Renov, and film critic B. Ruby Rich."

"The easy-to-use interface is as sober as the material. The Day After Trinity is not light entertainment, but this well-produced title is an important addition to your historical multimedia library."

CD-ROM Today, October 1995

"The Day After Trinity, the latest title in Voyager's For the Record film-to-CD series, tells the story of this complicated and sensitive man....Icons along the side of the screen offer a wealth of supplementary material - such as interviews with Hans Bethe, Freeman Dyson, and other veterans of Los Alamos - that even people familiar with the story will find informative. A second audio track offers running commentaries by the filmmaker, film scholar Michael Renov, and culture critic B. Ruby Rich. One hundred archival photos of Los Alamos, plus a dossier of declassified Manhattan Project documents and a full working transcript of the film, round out the offerings."

"In all, The Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb is an invaluable resource on the pivotal scientific event of the 20th century, and the man who made it happen."

CD-ROM Today, April 1996

"Voyager's CD chronicles the defining moment of the nuclear age, and the man most responsible for it - J. Robert Oppenheimer. Jon Else's 88-minute documentary is augmented by personal correspondence, biographies, interviews, and much more. Don't miss this elegant treatment of a fascinating story."

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