Dabbler 2

Dabbler 2 - Fractal Design - Retail - Win95/Win3.1/Mac - discontinued

Fractal Design



3 1/2 stars from Multimedia World

The Art Tutor Inside Your Computer

Dabbler is the extraordinary paint program that teaches you how to draw. Dabbler takes over where Kid Pix and Fine Artist leave off, demonstrating the fundamentals of drawing and animation, while providing a rich environment for art creation. We've supercharded two classic Walter Foster Learn to Draw Books - Cartooning with Bruce Blitz and Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair - with digital movies, great graphics and visual instructions. You can draw along in Dabbler, while our amazing Electronic Tutors take you through step-by-step lessons on drawing fundamentals.

Created by Fractal Design, developers of Painter - the original Natural-Media paint program - Dabbler's friendly interface and easy-to-use tools hide an amazingly powerful graphics program. Imagine having a storeful of artist's tools at your command.

Dabbler's tools and textures respond just like tradtitional art materials. Pencils react to paper textures; felt markers bleed; spray paint spatters; crayons build-up; and your finished art looks like real art - not computer art.

Ever draw cartoon characters in the margins of your textbooks? Dabbler 2 includes the remarkable ability to create and play frame-by-frame animations. You can even print your animations as flipbooks, or export them as QuickTime or Video for Windows movies.

Dabbler includes 100 high-quality photographs; hundreds of hot stencils; dozens of paper textures and fun font libraries. It's the paint program for aspiring artists of all ages.

Requirements: Windows 3.1/Windows 95 - 486DX or faster with 8 MB or memory (some effects require FPU), Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, color display.

Requirements: Macintosh - All Macintosh models with a 68030 processor or better with 8 MB of memory, System 7.0 or greater, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, color display.


Multimedia World, May 1996

"For users new to painting programs, Dabbler 2.0 is among the best products you can buy, with basic paint tools and valuable training aids that help you master important skills and concepts. Dabbler uses traditional painting tools in its interface to make it easy for novices and children to paint and animate 2-D graphics. While professionals may chafe at Dabbler's limited feature set, the library of videos will help nonexperts master important graphics and animation creation concepts."

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