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ZOOM Imagination Express
Destination: Ocean
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (Retail) (D-OCEANDR)

Included in Phonics, Reading & Writing Excelerator



Ages: 6 to 12


4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

Dive In and Create Interactive Stories and Movies!

You'll be amazed by how easy it is to create incredible, interactive stories and movies when you visit the fascinating shores and depths of Ocean. Using exciting new technology, you can make eels slither through the kelp while electric rays skim across the ocean floor. The program's powerful tools inspire you to become an enthusiastic writer, animator, sound producer and publisher! Using the Ocean Fact Book, learn about jellyfish, whales and shipwrecks - great information to weave into your stories! Building communication skills has never been this much fun!

Special Features:

Make Your Own Movies featuring 2 kinds of animations! Turn on sticker animations - or drag stickers across the scene, then replay their motion.

Smart stickers go where you drag them: in- or outside the boat, behind or in front of the coral. It's up to you!

Auto-sizing stickers grow as you move them to the front of a scene, and shrink as you move them into the background.

Print story books in color or black and white, or watch them come alive on-screen in View Mode.

Use Sound Tools to make stickers sing, laugh, speak or roar - to narrate your story page by page - and to choose theme music to set the mood!

In Dear Parents, a former teacher with 20 years of classroom experience offers parents advice about encouraging their children's writing.

Story Idea videos will spark your child's imagination!

Adult Options let you customize the program to suit your child.


Windows: Win 3.1 (enhanced mode), 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), 25 MHz 386 or better, 256 color - Super VGA, Hard disk with 4 MB free, Mouse, Sound-output device. Printer and microphone recommended.

Macintosh: Color Macintosh (256 colors required), 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), System 7 or higher, 13" or larger monitor, hard disk with 4 MB free. Printer and microphone recommended.


CD-ROM Today, March 1996

"Destination Ocean, the fourth title in Edmark's Imagination Express series, can turn even the most reluctant non-writer into a sea-farin' yarn-spinner."

"Kids begin by picking one of 18 different background scenes for each page of their story. Next, they can paste stickers on the page; kids can choose from several hundred stickers, which are organized in categories such as sea mammals, fish, artifacts, and people."

"Using the sticker editor, they can customize, animate or move their stickers across the screen, and even add sounds to them."

"When it's time to write their story, kids simply click the letter A at the bottom of the screen. And while they're writing or examining their sticker collection, they can peruse the program's factbook for brief articles."

"Destination Ocean is a great addition to the Imagination Express series - and a marvelous tool for young creative minds."

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