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ZOOM Creatures 2
$19.95 (Win95/98) (w/ Manual) (CREATUR2PO)

Publisher: Mindscape


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults

Create Real Life on Your PC

A huge living world, and six Norn eggs waiting to be hatched. Begin with your first baby Norn and start exploring Albia for the first time. With dangers lurking around every corner, you're going to have to be on your guard if you and your family of Norns are ever going to build a peaceful existence. Ultimately, you may even find the genetic splicing machine and your chance to rid Albia of the menace of the vicious Grendels forever.


Albia has been injured, its surface ripped away by a devastating volcanic eruption. But that is not all... the secret laboratories of the ancient race of Shee, together with all of the deserted experiments and machinery, have been revealed after earthquakes tore the land apart. The legacy of the Shee may hold the only hope for the Norns of Albia. Explore a dangerous and exciting new world, leading to the discovery of the place where the Norns themselves were created.

Welcome to Creatures 2

Creatures 2 contains the most advanced artificial organisms ever created. Each Norn you hatch comes from its own Digital DNA and contains the same chemicals and organs that you would find in a real living animal. Their brains allow them to think for themselves, developing the skills to survive in the wild. Eventually, they may breed and have their own children and each child will then have its own unique DNA.

Your goal is to create a thriving population of Norns. To find all the food and activities your Norns will need to live long, healthy lives, you'll have to explore Albia. You'll be battling against the weather and a collection of plants and animals with their own agendas for survival. At some point, you'll bump into the vicious Grendels - disease ridden, violent creatures created by accident by the Shee many thousands of years ago. Scattered around Albia are new machines and devices to help you with your Norn care. Ranging from the Science Kit that allows you to monitor their biochemistry and the Neuroscience Kit that lets you tinker with their brains, you may even find the key to controlling the Grendels on Albia: The genetic splicing machine!

Norns... Breed them. Teach them. Explore with them. Learn with them.


Windows 95/98: 166MHz Pentium processor or faster, Windows 95, Windows 8 or Windows NT 4 (Service Pack 3 or higher required for NT), 16MB of RAM, 300MB of free hard drive space, 16 bit video card with at least 2 MB of video RAM, Microsoft DirectX compatible drivers required, 16 bit sound card and Microsoft DirectX compatible drivers.

Note for Creatures 1 owners: You do not need to uninstall Creatures 1 to install Creatures 2. Both products can exist happily on the same machine.

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