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ZOOM Code Blue
$19.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail Box) (CODEBLUEDR)

Publisher: Legacy Interactive

From the Creators of the Best Selling Emergency Room

Interact with 35 patients and a skilled ER staff. Learn about your patients' lives - tragedy and triumph - through vivid live-action video.

Not a doctor? Don't worry. Everyone can play Code Blue. The Attending will lead you through the first case and instruct you in the correct medical procedures. Access detailed Treatment Protocols on your hand held computer for further guidance.

Three Levels of Play

EASY: The staff instructs you step-by-step in the correct procedures.

NORMAL: Diagnostic tests are interpreted for you, plus the staff offers helpful advice.

EXPERT: You must read and interpret the raw data readouts from tests and procedures, just like a real doctor.

Heart Pounding Excitement! Unique, Challenging Cases!

`Unrestrained driver in a head-on Car vs Concrete Wall,' the EMT explains. The patient is groggy .. The EMT pulls you aside and explains that his girlfriend didn't make it. Now it's up to you to ensure that the patient pulls through the physical trauma and personal tragedy.

`I did some quick thinking,' the patient explains. `When I saw the carjackers coming I, um ... hid the loot.' He fidgets on the table. `Okay, Okay - I swallowed it. Jewels. Two handfuls.' He leans in and whispers, `You'll help me, uh, get them back out, right?'

You're facing a has-been disk jockey with a plastic smile. `Wonder why a guy like me takes a 15 foot pike-and-tuck off the main stage of the Beck concert?' In Code Blue, appearances may be misleading. What starts out as a cut-and-dry case can quickly turn into something more ...

Confront Difficult Ethical Dilemmas

Turning in the parents of a child abuse victim

Administering a lifesaving transfusion to a patient religiously opposed to the procedure

Treating a criminal whose injured victim is in the next room

Patients' Lives Depend on You!

Ever wonder what it's like to be a real ER doctor? Step inside our emergency room and put your skills to the test!

Code Blue combines the best of television drama with the challenge of an interactive CD-ROM game.

  • Diagnose and treat 35 exciting ER cases
  • Over 60 minutes of live-action footage, and more than 1000 voice-overs
  • Perform triage while treating multiple patients simultaneously
  • A cast of over 45 seasoned actors, including Stephen Collins, Marshall Bell, Ann Dowd, Suzie Plakson, Susan Ruttan, and more
  • 50 medically accurate and realistic tools that you control
  • Three ways to play - easy, normal, expert - letting you control the difficulty level of the game
  • Go online for new cases, relevant medical research, treatment protocols, and high scores


Windows 95/98: 233 MHz Pentium, 32 MB RAM, High color / 16 bit capable 2 MB video card, 16x CD-ROM drive, Sound Card.

Macintosh: OS 7.6 or higher, 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Thousands of colors, 16 bit capable video, 16x CD-ROM drive.

Some ER Staff

DR. MATT CLARK Attending Physician

Dr. Clark is one of the Attending Physicians at Legacy Memorial, and your immediate supervisor. As a fellow doctor in the trenches, Dr. Clark will sometimes scold, sometimes praise, and sometimes share his own ER horror stories. (Played by Stephen Collins)


Nurse McGuigan is the veteran ER nurse on the staff -- she's seen it all. Down to earth, but often impatient, McGuigan believes that at this point in her career, if given the chance, she could treat patients better than most of the doctors. A real tough cookie, but ready to be your advocate when the going gets rough. (Played by Ann Dowd)

Some of Your Patients

CAROLYN DRAKE Nervous Mother

Carolyn Drake defines "soccer mom" -- protective, paranoid, and, well, loud. When her daughter is hit with severe stomach pain, she leaps to conclusions, fears the worst, and argues, argues, argues. Mrs. Drake may be one of those characters you'll enjoy ejecting from the treatment room. (Played by Susan Rattan)


A skinny, nerdish fellow, Monty is a "frequent flyer," or a patient who frequently visits the ER, often with fake or vague symptoms. Treat Monty well, and he'll be your best friend for life. (Played by Zachary Quinto)


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