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ZOOM ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures
Mystery of Mathra
$9.95 (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP/Mac 8.6-9.2) (Jewel Case) (CLUE3RDDJ)

The Learning Company


Ages: 7 to 9 - Grade 3


from Computing with Kids

A Riveting Adventure Where Every Kid Can Be A Hero

Deep in the rainforest, the Clue Finders have stumbled onto a mystery. Jungle animals are disappearing. And now famous scientist Dr Pythagaras has suddenly vanished. Rumors say an ancient monster has returned and is responsible. What is going on? Joni Savage and her team of curious kids are going to find out. Join them and together you'll trek into the mysterious jungle.

star ClueFinders to the Rescue. Join the club of kids who seek adventure and solve problems along the way.

star Unravel a Mystery: As you explore, you'll gain clues about why the jungle is becoming polluted and animals are disappearing.

star Dodge Danger: Watch Out! Soon you'll be exploring the Rings of Fire, looking for a golden key to the Lost City.

Skills List

Multiplication Addition Word Problems Estimation
Division Subtraction Use Money Place Value
Language Arts
Reading Synonyms Pronouns Adverbs
Vocabulary Antonyms Verbs Adjectives
Homophones Nouns
Life Science Earth Science Physical Science
U. S. Geography
State Capitals Major Cities Read Maps Use Legends
Problem Solving
Use Logic Organize Data Sequence Test Hypotheses
Find Patterns Classify

An Entire Year In One Thrilling Adventure

Language Arts - Identify antonyms, synonyms, nouns, verbs, and more. Match them up and you will safely cross over the bottomless abyss.

Science - Help Santiago and Joni analyze the skeletal structures of mammals, reptiles, and birds as you complete these puzzles.

Reading - Learn about elementary science and build reading comprehension skills as you order sentences in these reading passages.

Math - Add the weights of these rocks to cross over the snakes. Need help? Just call Leslie and Owen to get some hints. Use your computation skills to solve these equations. You'll cross the Rings of Fire and earn valuable clues along the way.

Geography - Identify the 50 states, major cities, and more. Build map reading skills and you'll learn fun facts about U. S. geography too.

Problem Solving - Yikes! Watch out for that Goo Monster. Use logical reasoning skills to complete these number and letter patterns.

Special Feature

Animated "coaches," Leslie and Owen, offer smart help. They...

  • rephrase problems
  • provide detailed help on demand
  • offer multiple perspectives
  • encourage players to think for themselves

Here's What You Get

  • 24 games and activities
  • Over 75 skills
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Problem solving woven into a rich storyline
  • Special Practice Mode lets you focus on a specific skill area
  • Room to grow. Early 4th grade curriculum available in the challenge level
  • Progress Report for parents

Cool Features for Kids

  • Solve a mystery
  • Capture a monster
  • Interact with cool characters
  • Awesome graphics, animations, and soundtrack


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Pentium 90 MHz, 45 MB free hard disk space, 16MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, Sound Card, 256 color Super VGA Monitor, Speakers, Mouse.

Macintosh, System 7.1 to 9.1, Power PC 66 MHz, 45MB free hard drive space, 16 MB RAM, 10MB free, 256-color 13" monitor, 4x CD-ROM drive, speakers, mouse.


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"Released in 1998, this was the first “Cluefinders” title; and it is the best of the series. Set in a rain forest, the Cluefinders seek to uncover who kidnapped Joni’s uncle and discover what creature is terrorizing the rainforest. Their adventure leads them to the Ancient City and the Bottomless Pits of Doom —places reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies.

"With 22 different academic games offered on 4 levels of difficulty, this software packs a wallop of learning. The games cover science, language arts, math, geography, and logic; and players can set the difficulty levels separately within each of these academic subjects. This software has just the right mix of wacky, spooky, and thrilling situations to keep children coming back for more."

Computer Shopper, May 1998

"There's no whip, no fedora, and no frantic fighting, but kids can reason their way through an Indiana Jones-style caper in The Learning Co.'s ClueFinders' 3rd Grade Adventures. This title offers a compelling mix of activities that will appeal to the third-grade set, and does a great job of exercising children's logic skills in varied puzzles that involve subjects such as math, language, science, and geography.

"When a world-renowned scientist disappears in the rain forest, it's up to kids to investigate an ancient legend while exploring lost cities and solving puzzles along the way. The game features three main paths for players to traverse, and each offers a final challenge. To take the challenge, kids solve puzzles to earn objects such as 'sneezeberries' and 'goo bags.'

"The title offers four levels of difficulty that range from early third grade to early fourth grade. With each level, the puzzles become more challenging, as well as more plentiful. Our third-grade testers had no problems solving those at the easiest level, and they found the harder levels to be suitably challenging. We were impressed with the wide range of imaginative activities: Kids can measure perimeters in pits, estimate and recognize patterns, find locations on maps, organize statements from general to most specific, place events in a logical order, identify opposite words, and lots more.

"Though the game presents a series of problems, they are cleverly disguised in puzzles that kids actually enjoy playing - our third grade testers asked if they could play the title again after they were done. For this reason, The ClueFinders' 3rd Grade Adventures is the educational equivalent of the Indiana Jones trilogy - it's a rare title that uses good old-fashioned adventure to educate kids."

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