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Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac) (Retail) (CLIFFRDR)

Publisher: Scholastic

Children: Ages 4 to 6

Learning to Read with Clifford is Big Fun!

Come explore the neighborhood with Clifford and Emily Elizabeth. This fun-packed adventure begins in Emily Elizabeth's room, where she'll show kids her exciting alphabet project. Later, click on the map of the neighborhood to visit the areas around their house and play games. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth will happily go along to help out.

As kids are successful, they receive a ticket as a reward. Once they have six tickets, they visit the claw machine to get a special gift. I got the finger puppets, which could then be colored online and printed! These gifts later appear in a box in Emily Elizabeth's room so they can be played with over and over. .

Explore Clifford's fun-filled neighborhood and discover entertaining, multi-leveled activities that develop beginning reading skills.

Vocabulary, Creativity & Spelling: Help inspire Monique the artist! Make a word and she'll draw a picture of Clifford in a funny pose.

Sight Word Recognition: Dunk Clifford in the ocean! Listen to the word and identify it by popping the correct balloon. Watch out for the big splash!

Visual Discrimination: Nicky needs help getting letters off the sign. As Clifford knocks off the frequently confused letters, catch them in the correct box.

Mini-Lessons: At the beginning of each level, learn new letters and sounds! To hear them again, just click on a letter of the alphabet at any time.

Fine Motor Skills: Fun at the Prize Booth! Keep your eye on a prize as you guide the claw to drop and pick it up.

Phonics & Word Building: Make t-shirts with Clifford by identifying the missing letter and completing the word.

And More! Practice beginning reading skills with Clifford and his friends at other fun locations throughout the neighborhood!

Special Features

Over 100 reading lessons

15 printable activities

Seven adjustable levels Automatically adjusts to focus on skills where your child needs more practice

Kids practice reading aloud by recording stories in their own voice

Progress report allows you to track your child's development

Comprehensive Parent's Guide provides helpful hints

Enjoy endless fun and develop these important skills

  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Letter/Sound recognition
  • Vocabulary
  • Upper & Lowercase letters
  • Listening
  • Word recognition
  • Memory
  • Word building
  • Creativity
  • Word-Object association
  • Following directions


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista: Pentium® 90 MHz Hard Disk:16MB available RAM:35MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 640x480 with 256 colors, Windows compatible sound card, speakers Other:Mouse; color printer

Macintosh: 120 MHz Power PC® Operating System: 7.5.3,16 MB RAM free,35 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 640x480 with 256 colors, OtherMouse, color printer


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