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The Voyager Company


Ages: 3 and up


4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

An Interactive Cartoon on CD-ROM by Ayshe Farman-Farmaian

Shoot hoops with the lions, put goofy clowns through their paces, aim the human cannonball, play magic tricks - you're the ringmaster of this colorful cartoon circus. Enjoy the hilarious and unpredictable results when things don't go quite as planned - clowns blast through the tent, cars go out of control, and elephants fall on their faces with a comic thud.

Go exploring: Find the animals relaxing backstage; snoop around in a clown's trailer full of makeup, costumes, and other surprises; visit the music tent, where an easy-to-play marimba comes with a color-coded score and the CD player is stocked with favorite circus tunes.


Eight games starring a cast of original characters: clowns Max and Dynamite, Carmelita the singing parrot, Rex the magician, and others.

Fun exercises that teach pattern recognition, estimation, sequencing, and even some basic physics - along with dance steps and great songs.

Musical instruments that leave trails of color as you play, and a mysterious magic trunk full of tricks.

Requirements: Windows - 486SX-33 or higher processor; 640x480 256-color display (accelerator recommended); 8 MB RAM; MPC2-compatible CD-ROM drive and sound card with speakers or headphones; Microsoft Windows 3.1; MS-DOS 5.0 or later.

Requirements: Macintosh - Macintosh with 25-MHZ 68030 processor or better; System 7; 5,000K of free RAM; 640x480+ color display; double-speed CD-ROM drive.


Electronic Entertainment, April 1995

"The title is aimed at ages 3 and up - way up. Some of the happenings (especially in the clown trailer) seem too surreal for anyone but parents. Most of the program's material, however, has solid educational backing: the basketball game, for example, requires an understanding of the relationship between the lions' height and the size of the balls. Circus! is an unusual and fun title any child will enjoy."

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