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ZOOM Casper
Animated Early Reader
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/Mac) (Jewel Case) (CASPERERDJ)
Sorry; Discontinued

Publisher: Sound Source Interactive


Ages: 5 to 7

Based on the Video Casper Meets Wendy

Join Casper, his new friend Wendy the Witch and the Ghostly Trio on a reading adventure at Camp Sunnybright. These friendly spooks have conjured up seven new ways for kids to explore and enjoy language. Help Wendy make magical potions, build a train with Stretch, air out Stinkie's house, and play other fun and educational games with Casper and his pals.


Seven engaging language arts activities

Three Reading skill levels


  • Associating letters with sounds
  • Phonics
  • Matching like beginning sounds and rhyming words
  • Building sight word vocabulary
  • Spelling skills practice
  • Alphabetizing letters and words
  • Beginning grammar: nouns, verbs, adverbs
  • Building sentences in correct word order

Captivating original music


Casper's Creature Crossword
All kinds of noisy animals are running around, looking for their home in the barn. Use your matching and spelling skills to help them find their places.

Stinkie's Rancid Mansion
Stinkie moved into a house and smelled it up. Open the windows and air out the house by matching letters or words with objects in this Concentration style game.

Fatso's Spelling Surprise
Fatso wants to build a Goop Machine to play a joke on Wendy. Use phonics and spelling skills to guess which letters make up a word before Fatso finishes building his machine.

Casper and Wendy's Word Find
Letter recognition and spelling skills will help you find the hidden words that match the pictured items. Each good match makes one of Wendy's magic tools appear.

The Ghostly Trio's Funny Sentences
Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch will do some very funny stuff when you choose the right word order to put sentences together correctly.

Wendy's Haunted Maze
Use rhyming skills to help Wendy find her way through a 3D-style maze as she adds ingredients to her magical potion. But if you go down the wrong hallway you'll run into one of the Ghostly Trio.

Stretch's Soul Train
Help Stretch send the Soul Train on its way. You'll need spelling skills, phonics, alphabetical order, and parts of speech knowledge to assemble the cars. If the train is right, off it goes, but if wrong, look out.

Earn Casper Coins and trade them in to watch exciting videos from the Casper movies.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 90, 16MB RAM (24MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive, 8 bit sound card, 256 color (high color recommended) SVGA (640x480), 20 MB free hard disk space, 8 bit sound card.

Power Macintosh: System 7.5 or higher, Power PC/66 (100 recommended), 16MB RAM (24MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive, 256 color (thousands of color recommended) 13" monitor, 20 MB free hard disk space.

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