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ZOOM Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
$9.95 (Win95/Win98/WinMe/Win2K/WinXP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (CARWORLDDJ)



Ages: 9 and up


from Computing with Kids

Turn World Geography in a Thrilling Crime-Stopping Chase

Get ready to travel the world, encounter exotic sights and sounds, meet unusual people - and arrest them. Carmen Sandiego's international crime ring is furiously filching world treasures ordinary thieves wouldn't dare to tackle. Why do you think the Mona Lisa's smile is missing? And you know Achilles' heel didn't just walk off by itself. We're counting on you, Gumshoe. So...

Get on the case. Check in with the Chief, via ACME's Satellite Network for the lowdown on the latest heist.

Start your worldwide chase. Use the travel map to plan your pursuit. It's a non-stop game of cat and mouse as you take off to exotic locations, hot on the trail of the crooks.

Interrogate informants. Gather evidence that identifies the fleeing fugitives and their whereabouts.

Crack clues by the book. Use the World Geography Reference Book (World Almanac) to decipher details of the looters' locations.

Go for the Warrant. When you think you've got the goods on the bad guys, submit your evidence, make the collar, and go to court. But beware. Your evidence must be airtight or your suspect will go free.

Catch Carmen and advance your career. Start as a Gumshoe and move up 8 ranks to Super Sleuth. Catch the elusive Carmen and you'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

CD-ROM Features (Includes everything in floppy disk version plus)

  • Smithsonian/Folkways music from around the world
  • Over 500 spoken foreign language clues
  • Nearly twice as many National Geographic location photographs
  • 15 more countries (60 in all)
  • Over 900 new clues (3600 in all)
  • More animated characters

Carmen Sandiego is a winner because whatever else the title is or does, it's profoundly fun. The more fun it is, the theory goes, the longer kids play. And the longer they play, the more they learn. This is the essence of "stealth" education. What gets kids who play Carmen Sandiego so excited and involved is the thrill of the pursuit, not the facts they learn along the way. But the facts are unavoidable.

This New Edition Includes:

50 scrolling landscapes. Immerse yourself in different cultures as you pan through beautifully painted locations rich with history, art, music, and over 200 animated characters.

Call ACME Good Guides for a tour and collect interesting facts for future cases.

Get information or school Assignments in Explore Mode.

Electronic Reference Tools. Unravel clues using a rich built-in database filled with essays, spectacular color photos and video clips from National Geographic Society. Includes key-word search capability.

ACME Internet Headquarters provides access to geographic resources published on the World Wide Web.


Windows - Win 95/98, Me, 2000, XP, 166Mhz or faster, 32MB RAM, 40 MB minimum hard disk space (600MB for full install), SVGA monitor/display card (640x480, 256 colors), 8X CD-ROM Drive, Windows compatible sound device, printer and internet access recommended.

Macintosh - Mac OS 8.6-9.2, OS X (10.1.5 or later), Power PC 180 Mhz or better processor, 32MB RAM, 40 MB minimum hard disk space (600MB for full install), SVGA monitor/display card (640x480, 256 colors), 8X CD-ROM Drive, printer and internet access recommended.


Computing with Kids by Jinny Gudmundsen

"This older but classic game still sets the standard for quality geography software. Carmen and her gang of bungling thieves have been avoiding novice gumshoes for over 17 years; and, in the process, they teach children geography facts. The original program has seen many facelifts and technological improvements but the underlying gameplay has remained the same."

"The criminals don’t stay long in one place; so the chase is a merry one. As kids whisk around the world gathering evidence and clues, they learn about each place they visit. This format is a fabulous way to teach children geography."

Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"The elusive, brilliant criminal mind is on the loose again, this time on your MPC system. ...Carmen and her gang of villainous miscreants pilfer dozens of famous landmarks. Relying on geographical clues as well as descriptions of the perpetrators, it's up to you to stop the crime and apprehend the treacherous villain. In addition to providing a host of geographical facts, the game offers as much culture as the typical pre-teen can hope to absorb. This noble task is made easier on these enhanced CD-ROM versions, due to the larger number of digitized photos and audio. The Music of the World CD is particularly cool. This Carmen title is much richer than the floppy version, and a good reminder that the best teaching tools are those that truly entertain rather than force-feed information."

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