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ZOOM Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
$9.95 (Win98SE/Me/XP/Mac OS 8, 9, X) (Jewel Case) (CARUSADJ)
Updated Version
$4.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac Classic) (Jewel Case + ACME Agent Handbook) (CARUSADO)
Version 3.0



Ages: 8-12

Learn About States, Cities and Cultures

Carmen turns U.S. geography into a thrilling crime-stopping chase! Yikes! The villains of V.I.L.E. are on the loose, led by that super spy turned master thief, Carmen Sandiego. Her henchmen are pulling heists in all 50 states, taking national treasures most crooks wouldn't dare to tackle - like John Brown's body. Yechh! Even Washington D.C. has felt the sting. Enough already! The ACME Detective Agency needs you! Your assignment is to catch the culprits and return the stolen goods. So...

Jump on the Case. Check in with The Chief via ACME's Satellite Network for a briefing on Carmen's U.S. assault.

Start Your Cross-Country Chase. Use the travel map to plan your pursuit. It's a non-stop game of cat and mouse as you take off across the nation, hot on the trail of the crooks.

Get Stool Pigeons to Squeal. Gather evidence to flush out fleeing fugitives from Maine to Maui.

Go for the Warrant. When you think you've got the goods on the bad guys, submit your evidence, make the collar, and go to court. But beware! Your evidence must be airtight or your suspect will go free.

Catch Carmen and Advance Your Career. Start as a Gumshoe and move up 8 ranks to Super Sleuth. Catch the elusive Carmen and you'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

CD-ROM Features:

  • Classic American music from all 50 states
  • Entertaining clues spoken in regional dialects
  • Spoken descriptions of each state by local residents
  • Breathtaking digitized photographs
  • Over 3000 clues
  • Animated characters

Requirements for Updated Jewel Case Version:

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP - 166 MHz Pentium® or better, 64 MB RAM, 5 MB free hard disk space for minimum install, 600 MB for full install, 640x480 monitor, 256 or more colors, Windows-compatible sound card & speakers, Internet connection (optional), 2X CD-ROM drive.

Does not work on Vista or Win7.

Macintosh OS 8.6–9.2.2, OS X (Native) - G3 or better, 64 MB RAM, 5 MB free hard disk space for minimum install, 600 MB for full install, 640x480 monitor, 256 or more colors, 2X CD-ROM drive, Internet connection (optional).

Requirements for Version 3.0:

Windows - 20MHz 386 or faster required: 486 or faster recommended for Windows 95, 8MB RAM, 4 - 12 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor/display card (640x480, 256 colors), Windows compatible sound device, works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) that are supported by Windows.

Version 3.0 tested and works OKon Windows XP (don't install Quicktime on XP). However, we recommend the newer version for Windows XP or Vista users.

Macintosh - Macintosh and Power Macintosh, System 7.0.1-9.2, 20 MHz 68030 processor or faster, Power Macintosh, 4MB RAM with 2.5MB free, 1 - 12MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, 12 inch or larger color monitor, 256 colors, works with most popular Macintosh compatible printers (monochrome and color).

Version 3.0 does not work on OS/X or Vista.


Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"The elusive, brilliant criminal mind is on the loose again, this time on your MPC system. ...Carmen and her gang of villainous miscreants pilfer dozens of famous landmarks. Relying on geographical clues as well as descriptions of the perpetrators, it's up to you to stop the crime and apprehend the treacherous villain. In addition to providing a host of geographical facts, the game offers as much culture as the typical pre-teen can hope to absorb. This noble task is made easier on these enhanced CD-ROM versions, due to the larger number of digitized photos and audio....This Carmen title is much richer than the floppy version, and a good reminder that the best teaching tools are those that truly entertain rather than force-feed information."

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