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ZOOM Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
Sold Out (Win95/Win98/Mac) (Jewel Case) (CARTIMEDJ)

See Carmen Sandiego Great Chase Through Time for a possible replacement.



Ages: 9 and up

Time-Travel Adventures Bring History to Life

Catch Carmen and her time-traveling tricksters before they plunder another precious relic from the past. As an agent of the ACME Detective Agency, it's up to you to preserve the world's historic inheritance.

Advance through centuries of historically rich adventure games.

Solve creative puzzles that bring history to life.

Engage in in-depth conversations with over 50 historical figures.

To further explore each historic event, consult the ACME Chronopedia. Chronopedia reviewed and approved by Encylopedia Britannica, Inc.

One of the ACME Good Guides accompanies you on every adventure - and provides helpful hints when you're stuck.

Exciting Historic Adventures!

Explore Ancient Civilizations

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Mali
  • Inca Empire
  • Aztec Empire

Discover New Worlds

  • The Vikings
  • Marco Polo & Kublai Kahn
  • Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella
  • Lewis & Clark

Collaborate with Artists, Writers & Composers

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • William Shakespeare
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Murasaki Shikibu, First Novelist

Advance Scientific Progress

  • 1st Person in Space
  • 1st Light Bulb
  • 1st Printing Press
  • 1st Underground Water System

Experience Historic Events

  • Declaration of Independence
  • England's Feudal System

Relive History As You Track Carmen Sandiego

Travel through 18 historic adventures to catch Carmen and her time-traveling tricksters before they plunder another precious relic from the past. Your journey begins in the tombs of Ancient Egypt and ends over 3,000 years later with the launching of the first person into space.

The Book of the Dead has been stolen! Decipher Hieroglyphs to prepare an Egyptian Pharoh for the Afterlife.

Kublai Khan awaits! Rescue Marco Polo to ensure the historic meeting of east and west.

Come to the aid of Columbus by navigating through rough waters using the wind, currents, and compass as your guide.

Restore order to Beethoven's musical masterpieces so he can conduct his 5th and 6th symphonies.

Help Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence.

Launch Yuri Gagarin and his rocketship into space.

Requriements: Windows - Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 66MHz 486DX or faster required, 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), 5MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive, SVGA video card, 640x480 256 colors (High color supported on Pentium with DirectX), Windows compatible sound device, video and sound card compatible with DirectX for Windows 95.

Requirements: Macintosh - PowerPC required, System 7.1.2 or higher, 9.5MB free, 5MB hard disk space, 2x speed CD-ROM drive or faster, 13 inch monitor or larger, 256 colors.

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