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ZOOM Mighty Math
Carnival Countdown
$4.95 (Win95/Win3.1/Mac) (in Sleeve) (CARCOUNTDO)



Ages: 5 to 8

Carnival Countdown Leads Your Child to Math Success

Carnival Countdown is brought to you by Edmark educators, who believe that children's minds are very capable - though they often go unchallenged. That's why we strive to make products that really cause kids to think! Edmark titles have won over 100 major awards and are recognized for using the power of technology to develop high-level thinking and problem-solving skills, encourage creativity and actively engage kids in learning!

In Carnival Countdown, Your Child Will Master These Important K to 2nd Grade Math Topics:

  • Problem Solving
  • Place Value (1's, 10's, and 100's)
  • Early Logic
  • Sorting & Classification
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Addition & Subtraction with Carrying & Borrowing
  • Early Multiplication & Division
  • Early 2D Geometry

Includes a CD-ROM Video! In Dear Parents, Edmark's Donn Strager, a teacher for 20 years, shares thoughts about the role you can play in helping your child successfully learn math.

Three Years of Math Learning in Every Activity! The activities in Carnival Countdown offer dozens of math topics and thousands of problems. As your child learns and succeeds, the Grow Slides advance, offering more challenging problems. Set the difficulty of each activity or choose a specific topic your kids are working on in school.

Early Geometry with a Western Flair
Learn the concepts of size, area, perimeter, symmetry and fractions as you help Armadillo Annie with Pattern Block brain teasers. Create colorful designs and discover relationships among shapes.

Strike up the Band with Place Value
Count, add and subtract bubbles with the Bubble Band! Trade ten tens bubbles for one large hundreds bubble - or trade a tens bubble for ten ones. As you drag bubbles around the stage, you'll really see the relationship between ones, tens and hundreds.

All Laughs Are Not Created Equal
Weigh laughs in the Giggle Factory and use <, > and = to describe the relationships between numbers and quantities of giggles. The Otter twins will tickle your funny bone as you learn about equality, inequality and place value.

Logical Thinking on Wheels
Venn diagrams become child's play as you help Allison sort bumper cars by driver, color, body style, number and horn sound. Categorize by attributes to drive home logical thinking skills!

Problem Solving with the Snap Clowns
Solve addition and subtraction problems as you attach clowns to circus poles. Stack clowns in rows and columns to build a foundation for multiplication and division.


Windows - Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or later, 486, Pentium or better, 33 MHz or faster recommended, Hard disk with up to 5 MB free, 8 MB memory (RAM) required, Super VGA graphics, 640 x 480, 256 or more colors, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound card. Optional: Windows-compatible printer, Edmark TouchWindow

Macintosh - System 7.0.1 or higher, 68040, 68030 (25 MHz or faster recommended) or PowerPC, 4 MB memory (RAM), 4100K unused, 13" monitor or larger, 256 or more colors, Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive Optional: Printer, Edmark TouchWindow.

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